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May 17, 2016

8 Signs Of Depression

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Depression has many definitions and the unclear air about this topic is the main reason due to which people often are not able to figure out if they are suffering from depression. There are a few signs and patterns that can be observed in a person suffering from various types and stages of depression. Check out the main signs that prove that a person is depressed. Remember this is just a mental situation which can be treated. Hiding things or not acknowledging it will only make things difficult.

#1 No Expression of Feelings
As per the studies, most of the people suffering from depression hide their “true” feeling. Just to ensure that people do not figure out what they feel in real, they try to avoid expressing, especially in front of those people who are close to them. In front of others, they easily fake it.

#2 Mood swings, Reckless Behaviour
If you have suddenly started having serious and frequent mood swings, it can be a sign of depression. Moreover, feeling broken, inability to decide if you are happy or sad or how you feel has to be taken seriously.

#3 Self criticism and Introspection
Criticising yourself is good. But if you are turning out to be someone who doubts each and every action of yours and never really feels good about anything, you need to pay attention. This further results in a behaviour where a person starts introspecting everything and everyone around you. In other words, this can also be termed as self involvement.

#4 Weight issues and Health deterioration
Depression will not just ruin a person’s mental condition but cause significant changes and damages physically as well. Weight fluctuations on a drastic level are is one such example. So, if you are experiencing any such issues, getting medical attention is mandatory.

#5 Insomnia and Increased Ill-Habits
Insomnia and depression have a huge connection. However, these symptoms may vary from one person to another. While some claim to feel very tired and sleepy all the time, others suffer from insomnia. This mental issue also leads to people getting involved in things and activities like smoking, drinking, sexual activities, etc that they did not do earlier.

#6 Decreased decision making capabilities and over expectations from the closed ones
As mentioned earlier a person suffering from depression fights not just with the world but himself as well. If a person has started behaving abnormal in terms of decision making capabilities, does not think properly or starts expecting a lot from others unlike before, one needs to become cautious.

#7 Sudden body pains and medical issues
Depression will not just hurt you mentally, but will cause a lot of physical damage as well. Severe migraine like headaches, back pains, body pains are considered as visible symptoms of depression. This is a sign to keep a note of. Even when your subconscious is constantly denying any such issue, keep in mind these symptoms and consult a doctor if it does not go away even after medication.

#8 Suicidal Tendencies
Reports prove that depression is a major reason behind people committing suicide. If you or someone around you talks about suicide and death related things on a frequent basis, do not neglect it. They might need counselling in such situations.

Remember, depression does not mean you are crazy or suffering from a disease that would take you to a mental asylum. It is curable and consulting a good medical help can help you get rid of it.

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  • i take my meds and the days keep passing by. i give them equal value so there won’t be highs or lows.

    nubwaxer May 18, 2016 1:08 pm Reply

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