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April 27, 2016

8 reasons Why We Can’t Stop Loving Fawad Khan

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Fawad Khan, the Pakistani actor and singer rose to prominence with the film Khuda Kay Liye and shot to fame in India with his serial Hamsafar, the highest rated Pakistani serial and the next most popular Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. He widened his Indian fan base after he made his Bollywood debut in the remake of Khoobsurat alongside Sonam Kapoor and also received the Filmfare for the best debutante that year. With another amazing performance, essaying a homosexual role in the blockbuster Kapoor and Sons which was also a hit with critics. He seems to be unstoppable and we know he is here to stay. Here are some reasons why we can never stop loving Fawad Khan-

#1 The Voice
His voice is the best of voices, it gives you butterflies in your stomach and yet it calms your nerves right down. His voice is of the kind you would not mind listening to every day for the rest of your life. Catch this groovy peppy coke studio number crooned by the lovely voice- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3U8RoT7KCw

#2 Smile
He has undoubtedly one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever see. LOOK AT HIM, need I say more?

#3 Eyes
Well, maybe we will never get a chance to really go talk to him but every time you look into his eyes, it speaks to you a billion words. His smouldering looks makes us go weak in the knees.

#4 The Goofy Side
His goofy funny pictures make us go “awwwwwwwwwwwww” simply because it is so amazing to see more sides to him than just the serious one or the romantic one. He is an actor and his many moods define the dynamism and goofy is definitely the most adorable one. See this picture and judge for yourself.

#5 Suited up!
He is probably the only man who could give Barney Stinson a run for his money. Have you seen this man ace suits one after another like they were made for him and him only!

#6 Beard or No Beard
It does not even matter. The bearded look is as beautiful as the one without it. His beard never gets in the way of love nor does the clean shave since he look so good in both. Which one do you like better?

#7 Immensely Talented
He played a negative in Khuda Kay Liye and a good boy in Khoobsurat, a lover in Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar hai and a homosexual man in Kapoor and Sons. He has showed us how dynamic he is as an artist. He sings, plays the drums and dances like it is cakewalk. He is the perfect performer.

#8 Family Moments
In a time when relationships usually break at the bat of an eyelid. it is extremely reassuring to find a down-to-earth “star” with a beautiful and strong family. Fawad Khan along with his wife, son and his dog gives us a picture to rave about and love. Him being married breaks his fans’ hearts a little but then they love the family moments and the ideal portrait and pray for it to last forever.

Here’s to Bollywood’s latest heartthrob who will make hearts throb for the longest time I am sure. We love you Fawad, never leave us and keep doing the wonderful job you do!

Featured Image Source: http://www.india.com

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