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February 2, 2016

8 Reasons Why Being Short is Awesome

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Advantages of being short

Life sometimes does get difficult when you are short. From being unable to reach to the things kept on top shelves to being used as an armrest, from trying hard to be taken seriously to being jeered at, I am sure every short person has faced it at some point or the other. But it is definitely not so bad after all. Being short does not mean getting subdued and snubbed by people.Here are 8 reasons why being short is awesome and is the best thing ever.

#1 You always look cute and adorable

People may not find you sexy or hot, but your height will make sure that you look adorable and cute. And they can definetly not avoid you. Sometimes even your mistakes seem cute.

Short is Awesome: Face on a stick


#2 You are never not-visible in a group photo

Your short height ensures that you are always in the first row and thus, there exists no group photo where you are hidden by someone. Quite an advantage right?

Short Is Awesome: Meerkat

#3 You know how to make way through people, literally.

You have the skill of navigating through crowds like a two-wheeler through traffic. Reaching the front rows from the last row at a concert is never a problem. Dealing the rough crowd is always your thing.

Short is Awesome:People pushing through


#4 Leg space is never too small for you.

Be it airplane, car or bus, your legs are never cramped owing to the fact that the leg-room is never inadequate for you. It is almost as if you own the space and it was tailor-made for you.

short is awesome: leg space

#5 You fit in wherever you like

Be it a sofa or a blanket, no space is small enough for you. You never have to worry about your feet hanging down the sides of a sofa or sticking out of a blanket. And even better, you would never feel the space crunch.

Short is Awesome:Curled Up


#6 Inches are never an issue for you

1 or 4? You don’t need to worry about the number. Just go and buy those heels you have been eyeing for awhile and flaunt them as much as you like, without getting stared at for your ridiculous height.

Short is awesome:Shoes

#7 You win when it comes to clothes.

You can easily fit into clothes from the kids section, which means cheaper clothes. Yayy! Also, you can always shorten a long trouser but you can’t lengthen a short trouser which means you can be never out of fashion , so next time when someone says ” you’re too small” just raise your finger and say “short is Awesome!

Short is Awesome:Clothes

#8 You will look young. Always.

People usually mistaken you to be younger than what you are and that means age is definitely not something you should be hiding. Plus you always get complimented for maintaining yourself so well.

Short is Awesome: Thomas Sangster


No matter what you do people will always adore you. So never let your height discourage you from doing what you want. You may not think it to be the best boon but trust me, it comes with its own advantages. And now you know why being short is awesome.

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