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November 3, 2016

8 Precious Childhood Memories We Miss The Most

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I miss my childhood days. We were careless-free, tension-free and didn’t give a s*** about anything. We did not dread Sunday evenings. In fact, we looked forward to going to school and telling our best friend all about it. We were also very good with time management – finishing homework ASAP so that maa didn’t stop us from going to the park.

We came up with a list of precious childhood memories which we are sure will remind you of your childhood as well.

#1 Origami

Pamphlets did not go wasted. I was an expert in making paper boats and tippy tippy tap but had tough time making planes!

#2 Sleeping in weird spots

No matter how much we crib now about Delhi heat, we loved sleeping in store rooms, wardrobes or any other unconventional spot other than bed.

#3 Dressing up

Remember mummy leaving her saree unfolded? Or dad leaving around his oxford shoes and tie?

#4 Sunday newspaper

Sunday newspaper was to catch up on our favorite cartoons – Hagar the horrible, Dennis the menace and Calvin and Hobbes were some of my favorites.

#5 Comics

I was a big comics lover. There was a comic rental shop near my home and I just loved it. Tinkle, Champak, Billu, Pinki, Chacha Chaudhary and those magical stories of kingdoms were an absolute delight. Do you remember Suppandi?

#6  Antakshari

No electricity? Let’s start with “baithe baithe bore hue..” or experimenting with our hands to make shadow dog, parrot, anything!

#7 Playing outside

My colony used to come to life at 5 PM when all the mommies threw their kids out of the home to go and play. Boy! how good were we in inventing games?

#8 Video Rental Shop

How cool it was to go near by video rental show and get video cassettes of latest movies. I can’t even remember how many times I have watched Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, 100 days and Mr. India.

Hope this post brought a smile on your face and you re-lived your childhood as much as I did writing this post.

Is there a childhood memory that you miss the most?

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