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May 19, 2017

8 Popular Indian Food Myths Busted

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“Don’t eat fruits at night.”

“Don’t drink water after yogurt.”

“Stay away from pickles during periods.”

Sounds familiar? I am sure you must have. We all love eating food but we do have some misconceptions around food. Our eating habits are impacted by these food myths because we want to eat healthy and stay fit. We bring you 10 popular food myths that are just myths. They are actually not true and does not hamper with your healthy eating habits.

#1 Semolina (suji) being a nutritious whole grain

That plate of suji gol gappas is not at all a healthy snack. Semolina (suji) is the granular version of all purpose flour (maida). The wheat grain comprises of four noteworthy segments – husk (unpalatable segment), external extreme wheat (fibre rich), endosperm (starch rich part fundamentally giving complex sugars and vitality) and germ (supplement rich section, a great wellspring of proteins, fat, vitamin E, B, iron, magnesium and chromium). Amid processing, the husk and germ are ripped off and the starch is cracked. These cracked starch is known as semolina.

In short, during the process, semolina looses its nutritious value.

#2 Don’t Use Virgin Oil for Cooking

This is a really common food myth believed and most people use virgin oil just for salads or drizzling. The fact is virgin oil is the most stable oil. What you should not do is heat the oil at high temperature because then the nutrition value is lost. This is true for all oil types and not just for virgin oil.

#3 Molasses and Honey are Better than Sugar

I am sure you must be screaming this is not at all true but the truth is molasses and honey contain same level of glycemic as white sugar. In fact 1 tablespoon of honey has 65 calories while 1 tablespoon of sugar just has 46 calories. Eat sugar but just control your intake.

#4 Desi Ghee will Give You a Heart Attack

We will eat anything oil fried but nothing desi ghee fried. Most of us grew up believing that ghee is the villain. It will give us clogged arteries, cholesterol and heart attack. Desi ghee, in fact, contains 32% Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA). MUFA helps in fat reduction without lowering the good cholesterol. Desi Ghee will not give you heart attack out unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits will.

#5 Apples and Bananas Turn Brown Because of Iron

Apples and bananas are not only rich in iron but also in fiber. They turn brown because of enzymatic reaction and not because of iron.

#6 Avoid Egg because of Cholesterol

OK, so the egg does have 215 mg cholesterol but it has a very little impact on cholesterol level. A recent study has proved that long-term egg consumption does not lead to any negative effects.

#7 Stay Away from Sugar to Keep Diabetes Away

Diabetes is caused because of unhealthy eating habits and it is also hereditary. Overabundance calories from any source – fat, starch, protein or sugar will cause insulin resistance and lead to diabetes. Sugar does lead to obesity but eat in control.

#8 Stay away from Nuts

Nuts are believed to increase cholesterol. Though it is true that nuts consumption leads to obesity but research has proved that nuts also has ability to lower cholesterol levels.

Eat everything but in balance.

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