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April 23, 2016

8 Outstanding Songs by Prince That We Must Not Forget

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The music world came to a standstill as the music legend said his last goodbye. Prince, who died at the age of 57, was the sensation of 1980’s. His effortless combination of various music genres like ‘synth-pop’, ‘modern R&B’ and ‘new wave’ created music pieces that are timeless. His rigid copywriting policies has made it difficult to get tracks for streaming. Though he is no more among us, he will always be in our hearts through his music. Let us cherish some of his best known songs.

#1 I wanna be your Lover
This was his first major hit. Released in 1979, this song showed the world that he was a promising singer who would soon reach the pinnacle of rock music industry. One simply could not have ignored this new emerging talent.

#2 Sister
After the success of “I wanna be your Lover”, Prince was under huge pressure for a bigger better music video. But instead of following the conventional path of his first release, he released a very bold collection “Dirty Mind”. “Sister” was part of this album. The lewd remarks and highly objectionable lyrics really threatened his career. However critics were very happy with the video. Ken Tucker of Rolling Stone said, “Dirty Mind is a pop record of Rabelaisian achievement: entirely, ditheringly obsessed with the body, yet full of sentiments that please and provoke the mind.

#3 When you were mine
Amidst all the hues and cries raised by the album “Dirty Mind”, there was this one song which soon became the best one among pop songs. “When you were mine” became such a hit that it was covered by popular singers like Cyndi Lauper, Ani Difranco and Tegan and Sara. This song is about a love triangle where prince is suffering the pain and loss

#4 Ronnie, Talk to Russia
Prince’s personal believes and his principles made him involved into the politics. His songs portrayed his aggressive sexual nature and showed him as a black man who was trying hard to break the gender barriers and defy the norms of masculinity. The lyrics of this song is simple yet impactful- “Ronnie talk to Russia before it’s too late / Before they blow up the world”.

#5 1991
Who cares about the world? It is going to hell any ways. So let us forget it and dance. Such was Prince’s philosophy which is well portrayed in this song. This video perfectly created the image of Prince that still exists. This video proved very crucial to his career and showed the world his creativity.

#6 When Doves Cry
Well words will fall short to describe this song. This song hit the top list of pop and dances as soon as it was released. This song became the number one and took the crowd on fire. This has a haunting melody, yet has a great dance rhythm to it. By this time he had reached the height of his career.

#7 Sign o’ the Times
This song became the favourite for the critics. Despite being different from the usual songs of Prince this song hit the third position among pop songs of those times. It won Prince the Pazz & Jop critics’ poll both for the album as a whole and for its title track.

#8 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Probably the best song of his, this song shows his principles again in a dramatic light. His needs to bends the gender roles are clearly visible in this song. A woman is left by her man and she tries to seek solace in Prince. He wants to help her but realizes there basic incompatibility. Her needs are more than casual. This song shows his typical ideologies about women-centric sexual politics.

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