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March 1, 2016

8 Emoticons We Bet You Were Using the Wrong Way

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What goes around comes around. When humans first started communicating with fellow beings, it was through gestures. Then came noises (grunts), then words. And today, we are back to the wordless communication, all thanks to the hundreds of emoticons that are available to us.

As the emojis were first popularized in Japan, the original meanings of emoticons are based on Japanese culture. But people have since adopted entirely new uses and meanings for certain emojis. Let us have a look at such 8 emoticons we have been using wrong all this while.

#1 High five
One of the most debated over emoticon, it does not signify a high five or praying. It is supposed to be a person with folded hands- expressing gratitude or apology.

#2 Shooting Star

If you thought that this emoticon means a shooting star, you have never been this wrong in your life. Drawing inspiration from anime/manga, this emoticon means dizzy.

#3 Told You So

Thought to be the ultimate sass emoticon, even I have used it instead of typing “I’m better than you” or “I know, I am awesome”. But, what if I told you that emoticon signifies a helpful information desk person.

#4 Fuming mad

This emoticon in no way denotes anger or the fact that you are pissed off. It is rather a face showing triumph after great frustration.

#5 Fart

The cloud of gas does not mean a fart. It is a symbol for someone or something moving very quickly.

Gust of Wind

#6 Whistling

No, it doesn’t denote whistling. It is a kissing face which shows a bit less love than the kissing face with heart.

Whistling Emoji

#7 Open Hands

This emoticon symbolizes openness or a hug and in no way means being dismissive or giving up. So, I need to top using it when in an argument with someone.

Open Hands

#8 Grinding teeth

Though this emoticon does look like someone who is grinding teeth or a very awkward smile, it actually is a grinning face with smiling eyes. The difference between the grimacing face and this grinning face is that of the eyes.

Grinding Teeth

Emoticons are a more colourful and fun way of saying something. So as long as the person you are talking to understands your stance behind using a particular emoticon, you need not worry about the ‘correctness’ of your emoticon.

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