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April 20, 2016

8 Crazy And Unbelievable Facts Science Tells Us

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Even though we may not have enjoyed memorizing the periodic tables or calculating velocity; it is a fact that we all love reading and sharing crazy science facts. Science is truly fascinating and can be mesmerizing, and sometimes these facts can be hard to believe. We bring you 8 facts science told us that are unbelievable and crazy but absolutely true!

#1 Do you know what is the risk of a falling meteorite striking a human? According to science, it’s one in every 9300 years.

#2 700 million people are inhabited by blood-sucking hookworms worldwide.

#3 Humans and dolphins shared a common ancestor, and this was 60-65 million years ago.

#4 We all have had dreams and felt like it lasted for hours. In reality, dreams last only 2-3 seconds!

#5 Babies are born with 270 bones which gradually merge and remain only 206 by adulthood.

#6 Scientists claim that earth will be too hot for any life to survive on it in 2.3 billion years!

#7 Only Venus spins clockwise, all other planets spin anti-clockwise!

#8 How many of you knew that we can see 2.4 million light years away with your naked eye?

#9 It is very difficult to track polar bears using infrared cameras! It turns out that the radiactive properties of polar bear fur are exactly the same as snow. They’re essentially invisible under infrared light!

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