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November 15, 2016

8 Boozy Winter Dessert Recipes to Try This Holiday Season

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Boozy dessert recipes

I love winters. The weather is comfortable and is the perfect time to stay at home with friends and family. It is also the time when my sweet tooth is quite active and I like to keep myself warm. These 8 winter dessert recipes helps me satisfy my sugar cravings and the mild alcohol keeps me warm. Whether you love sangria or tequila, this article has a recipe for every alcohol lover.

#1 Boozy Peach Sangria Popsicles

I love sangrias. They are mild and sweet. Take your favorite sangria to next level by turning them into popsicles. These boozy peach sangria popsicles are easy to make and can be stored for long.

#2 Red Wine Granita With Vanilla Ice-Cream

Red wine is quite healthy and is an immunity booster. Granita is an Italian dessert and quite easy to make. Follow the recipe below to make red wine granita and serve it with vanilla or your favorite ice cream.

#3 Banana Cupcakes With Bourbon Butterscotch Filling

These pretty cupcakes made with a combination of banana and butterscotch can be enjoyed sometimes as  tasty sinful snacks.

Recipe Link: http://www.bakersroyale.com

banana cupcakes

#4 Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkins are natural fat burners and suppresses hunger. If you love cheesecake then I definitely suggest you to try this recipe.

#5 Margarita Macaron

Have fun with once in a while with these Margarita desserts infused with tequila for that boozy twist.

Recipe Link: http://www.sprinklesforbreakfast.com

margarita macarons

#6 Pink Grapefruit And Champagne Sorbet

This fruit cocktail is rich in Vitamin c which is known to improve immunity and keep the skin hydrated and young by helping build up collagen. This champagne infused drink is also fat free and can be enjoyed as a sweet boozy delight.

#7 Brown Butter Bourbon Blondies

These alcohols infused brownies are packed with walnuts which increase its nutritional value at the same time while cutting out harmful fats.

#8 Boozy Sparkling Cranberries

If you love whiskey then this recipe is for you. The alcohol content is quite less and this recipe will hardly get you tipsy. You could also make small gift boxes of these and gift them this Christmas!

Recipe Link: http://bakelovegive.com

boozy cranberries

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