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April 27, 2017

8 Best Movies Turned Games Just for Your Android

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The era has come, where video games are getting rare, and smart phones have taken over. Offering the best graphics and lucid display the android games are now achieving popularity. Action movies have always enthralled us, and now your favorite movies have turned to games you can carry in your pocket. Take a look:

#1 BATMAN: The Dark Knight Rises

One of the best movie–based game for your android. Although the plots differs from the movie, but riding The Bat is hell lot of fun.


#2 Kung Fu Panda

As hit as the movie, the  showdown of legendary legends is an amazing game for the action lovers.


#3 Fast and Furious  6

The high speed racing cars and the night roads are a perfect replica of the movies. So if you are speed junkie, get your hands dirty here. What’s more? It’s free.


#4 The Amazing Spiderman

Although you couldn’t do much in the movie, you can showcase your spidey moves here. This game has pushed the limits of android gaming to a new level.


#5 Interstellar

All the interstellar fans, you can now build your own solar system and pilot your own spaceship without special training.


#6 Back to the Future

The game offers lesser gaming, rather it is a sequel to the movie. But with the tricky puzzles and the realistic voices, the game gives you the pleasure of the much awaited sequel.


#7 Thor

Thor: The Son of Asgard offers ultimate action moves which lacked in the movie, not only it is free to play, but you can strike all your best moves if he is your favorite avenger.


#8 Jurassic Park Builder

While Richard Hammond made some prominent mistakes, we can avoid them. Building your own park, feeding your dinosaurs and keeping tourists safe, the game offers exclusive modules.


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