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May 20, 2016

8 Benefits of Being A Vegetarian

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Vegetarian food

We all know what a vegetarian diet is, a diet which includes the food from plants, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts is referred as a vegetarian diet. Vegetarians avoid meat, poultry, fish, and animal fats. Lacto vegetarians are those who eat the dairy products but not eggs. The people who consume both dairy products and eggs are referred as lacto ovo vegetarians. A well balanced vegetarian diet without consuming chips and chocolates will be considered as a healthy diet. Nearly 80% percent of diseases are associated with the diet.

Becoming a vegetarian is not a difficult task and it helps you stay away from problems like obesity, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Apart from that, they’re easy to cook!

#1 Stay Away From Heart Disease

The vegetarians have low risk of heart disease and have low cholesterol level compared to others because vegetarian diet has high fiber content with necessary vitamins and minerals. Cardiovascular diseases kill most of the people in the country and vegetarian diet can prevent and treat the heart diseases effectively. You cannot find animal fat and high cholesterol content in vegetarian recipes. Vegetarian diets are also recommended by doctors due to their medical benefits.

#2 You Don’t Need to Worry About Weight Gain

People need a way to reduce the weight gradually. Being a vegetarian will help you stay away from the unhealthy foods which cause weight issues. Low-fat and plant based diet will help you reduce the weight in a healthy way. Eating equal amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps quench the hunger.  The people who do not consume meat are having lower body mass index.

#3 You Can Live Longer

In a recent research, it was found that the people who follow a vegetarian diet live six to eight years longer than other people. The vegetarian diet will give you the required energy to live a happy life.

#4 You Will Get More Health Benefits

The vitamin E and Vitamin A in the vegetables gives you a healthy skin. By eliminating the meat, you will get a solution for the body odor and bad breath issues. Due to the vitamins and minerals in vegetarian diet, you will get stronger and shiny hair. Your nails will be an indicator of your health. Following the vegetarian diet makes your nails stronger and helps you get a relief from migraine. You won’t get allergic symptoms as you are avoiding eggs and meat. Whole grains rich vegetarian diet will be beneficial for those with high blood pressure.

#5 Vegetarian Diet Will Prevent the Diseases

Bone health depends on the level of Calcium, Protein, Potassium and Sodium. A healthy vegetarian diet will help you to get all these and prevent you from Osteoporosis. According to a recent research it has been found that gluten free vegetarian diet is essential for the people with rheumatoid arthritis. The intake of antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables may prevent you from cataracts. Women who do not eat meat and animal products would be prevented from breast cancer.

#6 Environmental Benefits

It will be easy for you to grow plants and to eat plant foods, you will grow more plants and trees which is definitely good for the environment.

#7 Concern for Animals

#8 Budget for Food

Vegetarian foods are cheaper and so a person is able to save more money. You can purchase raw ingredients from supermarkets or can eat vegetarian meals in a restaurant. In both the cases the amount of money you are going to spend will be less!

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