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April 10, 2017

8 Anti-aging mistakes that every woman should avoid

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anti aging mistakes to avoid

Ageing, also known as aging, is the mere process of becoming older. Aging has a negative effect on our skin. It can make your skin look blemished. It is impossible to stop growing old but it is possible that we can take steps to prevent ageing , not make those anti-aging mistakes so that our skin is something we love to flaunt!

Here are eight very common anti-aging mistakes that every woman should avoid and make her skin look younger and radiant again.

#1 Over-washing

You over wash your face’s skin. No one exactly knows that how many times they should be washing their face. But, this has been a proven fact that if we wash our face more than 2-3 times, we lose our natural moisture. Over-washing strips off our skin’s moisture and generates a base to wrinkles which is not good for our skin. Thus, one should avoid over washing their face. This is the most common skin care mistake we should avoid.


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#2 Using Make-up to cover wrinkled skin

One should not lay stress use on these make-up products and use these products frequently at times, not for every moment. These products can create a layer and help you to cover your wrinkled skin. But this is not going to provide nourishment that is actually needed by your skin. Thus, it is recommended that one should not use make up to cover wrinkled skin rather should use products that can help in avoiding the effects of anti-aging.

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#3 Drinking Coffee

Our skin is not only effected by the things we apply on it but also by the things we consume. No matter, coffee is a good way to prevent diabetes and lower down the risk of liver diseases but this also contains caffeine which prevents us from holding on to water and thus make our skin look dry.

Anti aging-coffee

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#4 Thinking that sunscreen will heal it all

Although they claim that sunscreen will give you protection, but it’s a fact that even they can’t provide us 100% protection. There will be some damage to our skin even if we apply sunscreen. Thus, if you feel that radiations are way too much strong, then you must not rest on sunscreens. Instead you must be carrying your hat, sunglasses, cover up your face and have liquids frequently to avoid dehydration too.

Anti Aging-Sunscreen

#5 Blindly believing that anti aging products will give you those anti aging effects

Don’t go for a famous brand. You must understand that you have a different type of skin and thus, your skin demands different nourishment too. So, First before applying any product test that, read its ingredients and be very very careful before making it your regular product.

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#6 Leaving your issues on anti- aging products to solve them on their own

If you’re facing any such thing, you must be actively participating in it. You must be the one who is the main participant and let the cream be the helping hand to achieve the goal. Not just the cream alone can solve all such issues. You really need to maintain  a proper balanced diet and exercise schedule in order to get a fit, healthy and nourished skin and a very effective way to care for the skin.


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#7 Lack of Sleep and Sleeping that too without elevating your head

Sleeping less will definitely ruin your skin. It would just take away not only your skin’s nourishment but would also deteriorate your health. Also, sleeping without elevating your head can give you back pains. Thus, it is recommended to use the right type of pillows and get a right amount of sleep in order to get healthy skin and healthy body along with healthy mind.

Anti Aging-How-to-get-rid-of-Forehead-Wrinkles-Sleeping-on-Your-Back

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#8 Adopting a skincare routine which is not your skin type, which is not according to your age

You must be very careful while choosing the best type of skincare routine for your skin. Your skin routine is the most important thing. You must be highly selective while choosing this. You must not use products that ain’t your skin type and those which are not deigned according to your age. It has been seen that some women start using anti-aging products before even they get old. Thus, this should be avoided.

anti aging-Skincare Routine

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Thus, every woman must properly and carefully care of their skin and give their skin the time it needs. Every woman must avoid doing the above mentioned mistakes. Also, while buying anti-aging products, woman must take care. Avoid these mistakes and get the glowing, radiant skin that you deserve to have and happy reverse aging !

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