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February 1, 2017

8 Affordable Places to Kill Hunger Pangs in Hyderabad

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We all love food because we need it! It forms part of our daily life and sometimes food can cause worries too. Such as we keep thinking ‘’what shall I cook today, or where to eat’’?

Hyderabadi cuisine existed since the Mughal times. Despite evolving as a metro city, Hyderabad has never failed to preserve its food culture throughout the years. Many restaurants and even small joints have been set up to keep the Nawabi courtesy alive. Hyderabadi cuisine is very rich in taste and ingredients considering the long hours of time required for preparation.

In this article we will travel through the famous affordable hangout places where you don’t only fill your stomach but you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride that Hyderabad is your city!

#8 Briyani –Shadab, Old City

When we speak of Hyderabad no one talks about its places or development, we all have only one thought: the famous Hyderabadi briyani! Cooked for hours with tedious juicy meat and the special spices, biryani is the signature dish of Hyderabad. Shadab located in Old City, near Charminar, is the perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous briyani. The place has been operated since generations and generations. Crowded as always Shabad is the preferred choice for the locals considering the traditional taste that has been preserved with no tax charged.

#7 Haleem –Pista House

The second signature dish of the city is that famous Haleem. Cooked for several hours, haleem is prepared from mutton and lentils with the authentic Hyderabadi spices and love. For years Pista House has maintained its name and reputation both locally and internationally. Found in different places within the city. Pista House is a must visit if you want to relish on the authentic taste of Haleem.

#6 Tandori Kebab- Dine Hill

Another specialty of Hyderabad cuisine is Tandori kebab or any kebab. One sight that will strike you is the kebab hangers in every restaurant around the city. Yes, Hyderabadi people love their meat. No meal is fulfilled without meat on the plate. Dine Hill is the perfect place for a juicy chicken roast along with the amazing chutney that they provide. One aspect of Dine Hill is food is served in extra large thali and everyone on the table shares the same thali, which also preserved the Nawabi and the Arabian culture

#5 Dosa/Idly- Minerva Café/Ram ki Bhandi

Minerva Café, a typical South Indian café, serving only vegetarian food is the good option for a family breakfast. Maintaining its traditional touch, dosa idly and vada are served on banana leaf with amazing chutneys and sambar and accompanied by the famous filter coffee. Another famous place for dosa and idly is Ram ki Bandi at Nampally. The only place in the city which is very crowded at 4am till 7am. If you are in Hyderabad, visiting it is a must, you will be truly be shocked by the amount of people and vehicles around.

#4 Osmania biscuit/ Irani Chai- Sarvi

When you speak of Chai in Hyderabad, its Irani chai accompanied with the delicious osmania biscuit. Tired from the day, want some relaxation, drop in at Sarvi and relish the famous chai and osmania biscuit. After few sips, automatically you will feel better and refreshed.

#3 Lasagna-10 Downing Street

10D at Begumpet is another perfect and affordable place to have lunch. From 12pm to 4pm, the restaurant has a special menu, where you can order a main dish, with complimentary. It can be beer, juice or soft drink and ice-cream. The different lasagna is the signature dish of the place along with the delicious garlic bread served. The place is usually crowed with students or working people who come for lunch. Also the place carries its name with a perfect British atmosphere giving the foodies a memorable experiment that you always want to come back.

#2 Nihari/Paya- Paradise



The meat lovers must never miss those dishes. Cooked for several hours and extremely spicy they are accompanied with fresh naan breads. Usually nihari and paya is sold during festivities or on Fridays, considering the long hours of preparation needed.

#1 Qubani Ka Meetha/ Double Ka Meetha

Those are the famous typical Hyderabadi sweets which will be found in any traditional restaurant. As the cuisine is very spicy the sweets are too sweet! Qurbani Ka Meetha is the only dish where apricots taste like heaven. Cooked in sugar with rose and kewra water, the dish is truly appreciated in the city. Double Ka Meetha, cooked with bread dipped in spiced milk with cardamom and saffron is very appreciated for its creaminess and taste.

The next time you do not feel like cooking, visit one of those places, very affordable and tasty food. Eating is a pleasure in Hyderabad, you never stop. You will never get over it and will keep falling in love with the cuisine.

Hyderabad cuisine Zinbabad!

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