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August 25, 2017

7 Weird Jobs That Actually Exist

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Tired of your regular job? Feeling underpaid and overworked? Well, then some of the unusual jobs will make you jealous. You won’t believe some people actually get paid for sleeping and eating chocolate. While some of the jobs will make you jealous, some will make you think better of your jobs. Here are seven weird and unusual jobs that actually exist.

#7 Bed Warmer

Won’t it be awesome if you get paid for rolling in luxurious beds? A few high profile hotels in Britain hire people, to roll around in bed before the guest enters the room. So  the guest can have a warm bed without waiting.

#6 Professional Sleeper

Imagine that getting paid for sleeping. This job was actually created so that scientists could do research on sleep and disorders related to sleep.

#5 Human Scarecrow

We all used to be scared of scarecrows in childhood due to the horror stories we listened. But, don’t get scared if you see a scarecrow running, chasing birds or animals away. In UK and a few European countries, farmers actually hire people for this job. An animated scarecrow is after all much more effective than an inanimate one.

#4 Chocolate Taster

They don’t only get to eat free chocolates, but they get paid for it. Isn’t it the most dreamy job ever?

#3 Car Watcher

These people are so insecure about their cars they actually pay people to look at it while they can’t see it. And most of the people going through this insecurity live in Brazil.

#2 Professional Pusher

We all hate those people who shove us in a crowded bus or train. But, these people in Japan actually get paid for this. Known as ‘Oshiya’ their job is to push people onto trains.

#1 Car Plate Blockers

In the capital of Iran, Tehran they have this rule only cars with certain license plate numbers are allowed on the road on certain days. Well, is not it better to pay someone to stand behind their plate to cover the numbers than to buy cars with different number plates?

Featured Image: http://datadrivendetroit.org

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