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August 14, 2016

7 Ways to Keep Tummy Healthy This Monsoon

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Monsoon surely brings the shower of happiness. But with it, it also invites so many diseases. Yes, we love to eat hot steamy pakoras from street side vendor during monsoon and welcome flu and diarrhea with it.

But, don’t worry some healthy habits can help your stomach to have a happy time always.

#1 Avoid oily food

Oily food always tastes good. Certainly, it welcomes fat in our tummy area. Due to high humidity level, digestion process becomes low and leads to upset stomach.

#2 Wash Your Hands

Make a habit of washing your hand before eating- It only takes 2 minutes. And it will prevent your hand to let enter germs and bacteria in your body. If you are outside, don’t forget to keep hand sanitizer along.

#3 Carry water bottle or have packaged water

Drink packed mineral water- Generally, people don’t pay attention to water quality. It plays an important role. When outside, always drink packed mineral water and while at home make sure you purify your water before drinking.

#4 Avoid eating from street side vendors- They are a complete no-no during monsoon. Perhaps they attract us a lot but that tasty thing is filled with viruses and bacteria.

#5 Make fruits your best friends- Eat fresh raw fruits but avoid eating pre-cut fruits from outside. Avoid eating too much of mangoes, they welcome stomach boils and pimples.

#6 Avoid too much milk, eat curd or have buttermilk- Curd or buttermilk are so good for the stomach. If you suffer from diarrhea then buttermilk or curd can be your best friend. Have at least 1 cup of curd or 1 glass of buttermilk every day.

#7 Make a habit of drinking lemon tea first time in the morning- Drinking lemon tea on empty stomach proves beneficial. It helps to improve digestion and improves bowel movements. Read more about health benefits of lemon tea.

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