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May 13, 2016

7 Ways to Digital Detox Yourself this Weekend

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7 Ways to Digital Detox Yourself this Weekend:1

If the phone is the first thing you see in the morning, my friend, you are in a dire need of digital detox. Detaching yourself from your mobile phones and laptops, that you hold so dear, can be bit of a task. But the results are amazing. You might be reading this on your laptop or smart phone and wondering why are we suggesting you to distance yourselves from this amazing world of technology and internet. What you do not realize is maybe you are spending more time on these gadgets than with your friends and family. We are so addicted to this virtual world that we have mostly limited our social circle to our phones. So how will you detox yourself from the clutches of heavy digitization? Let us find out the best way to detox.

#1 Let your circle know

One of the most important steps for detoxing is to let your social circle know that you are going offline. The fear that you might lose on important news and details, can force you to be constantly online. Let your work circle and friends know that you will remain offline for a period of time. Ask them to meet you in person in case an emergency arises. Try and meet people personally and indulge into conversation. You will find a drastic change in your life, something that had been missing all this while.


#2 Buy an alarm clock

Most people who have smart phones tend to set the alarm for getting up in the morning the previous night. Not only will they engage into their phones at night, but in the morning too they would have an urge to check their phones. To avoid that invest in an alarm clock and hence forth set your alarms here.

Buy an Alarm Clock


#3 Take small steps

It can be difficult to stay disconnected from your phone for a long time. Try doing it for half an hour at first. Slowly you can increase the time limit. You will see that with time you can stay without your phone and laptop for longer duration. Gradually you would be able to reach a point where you will be able to turn off your phone for an entire day. The best days to try this can be the weekends.



#4 Disable all push notifications

While these notifications can be annoying at times, still we choose to keep them on because it keeps us updated with newsfeeds and messages. Stop them at once. Turn off all the push notification. This will stop you from constantly checking on our device and help you to stay away from it.

Disable Push Notifications


#5 Read books

How often have you thought about reading the favorite book of yours but did not have enough time to do so? Now is the time. Set aside all your gadgets, get your book, grab a coffee and spend some time reading it. You will be able to feel the warmth of life returning in you.

Read Books


#6 Go to some offbeat location

This can be an ideal time to take vacation without having to worry about important mails and messages. Go to a remote place where you will be surrounded by peace and tranquility and where it will be nearly impossible to find mobile network. This way you will enjoy the scenic beauty without constantly fidgeting with your gadgets.

Time for Vacation


#7 Enjoy some “me” time

It is always very important to spend some quality time introspecting. Self introspection and analysis is very important. You need to question yourself and know your own faults. Stay away from your phone. Plan your life and indulge in some yoga and meditation. Calm yourself down and try and find out the meaning of your life. Make an attempt to know what is important in your life. You will find that without the gadgets you can live a better life.

Me time


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