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August 27, 2017

7 Ways to Avoid Late Night Snacking

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We have the habit of doing something unknowingly like biting the nails or doodling. Similar to such habits is late night snacking. Eating late at night not only results in weight gain but also addition of unwanted calories. Stay fit and healthy by following these 7 ways to avoid late night snacks.

#7 You Need Water or Herbal Tea Not Food

Sometimes   after your dinner, you would still feel hungry. But you may not require food.  You are unaware of the fact that you need water. Yes, it’s true that we would always confuse thirst with hunger. You have to deal with it psychologically because you should feel that your tummy is full. So you can drink a glass of water to fill your stomach.

Still, if you feel hungry or thirsty you can drink herbal tea. Herbal tea will calm your mind and you would feel relaxed so you can go to bed soon.

#6 Nutritious Food in Appropriate Serving Size

If you still feel hungry then it means you are not consuming a nutritious diet. To fulfill your hungry you need not eat a plate full of food but you have to consume the food which is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients.

#5 Don’t Avoid Dinner but Say No to Sugar

We would avoid dinner in order to reduce our weight. But the fact is you would feel hungrier and could not able to sleep which is not good for your health.

Whenever you eat sweets or even coffee with more sugar then it will definitely increase your hunger and you would feel thirsty. So stop the habit of consuming sugary foods. You have to avoid the habit of drinking soda after your dinner or lunch because you may feel hungry.

#4 Distraction-the Best Choice

You need to distract yourself from the habit of searching snacks after dinner. So what would be the best option? Television, no.  Just try to read books, novels, blog or do painting, knitting. Indulge yourself in any kind of activities which will distract yourself from late-night snacking.

You can chat with your friends because you have to find a way to distract yourself and also you have to spend the time. You would feel relaxed by sharing your thoughts, gossips anything else with your friends.

#3 Try to Do Meditation

You may hear it as a weird option but still, this will work out because the people who have the habit of eating late night snacks are those who suffer from insomnia. So meditation will distract you from food as well as it will give you good sleep.

#2 Walking

Walking could be a better option. You need not walk fast. Go slowly for 15 minutes. If you have some space outside your home then why not try walking before you go to bed. This is actually beneficial for your health. Just by walking you will get some fresh air and feel relaxed. Walking would also help in the digestion process.   By this way, you will get distracted from late night snacks as well as you can get away from stress.

#1 Brush Your Teeth

Spend some time to brush your teeth. You may not find more time in the morning to concentrate in your brushing. So why not use this time? Psychologically after brushing you may not feel hungry. It is also a good habit.      

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