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September 11, 2016

7 Ways To Pamper Yourself If You Are A Busy Girl

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You are a girl, who doesn’t have time to spend the whole day at the salon. You are always known to put your work first. Sometimes, you feel really tired and want to have a break.

Then, my dear, you have come to the right place. We have lined up 7 amazing yet super-duper easy ways to pamper yourself when you can’t take it anymore.

#1 Drink Green tea

Skip any other drink from now and start consuming green tea. Filled with antioxidants, it will make you feel fresh.

green tea

#2 Oil your hair

Oiling your hair will definitely make your hair healthy but will also relax your mind.

oil your hair

#3 Pedicure time

While you are busy doing your work sitting on a chair, make yourself a homemade pedicure, fill the tub with hot water, mix shampoo, lemon juice, a little salt and soak up your feet for half an hour.

pedicure time

#4 Fix your face with mud pack

Take out 15 minutes and apply mud pack and nourish your skin completely. Take away all the stress and see the magic.

mud pack

#5 Take a nap

Sounds time consuming? But taking a power nap for half an hour won’t harm you. Plug your earphones, start listening some good music and go to sound sleep. You won’t believe how much fresh you will feel after that.

nap time

#6 Take a long shower

Take out 5 minutes before you slip into your bed, have a hot water shower, it will relax your muscles and will help you out in having good night’s sleep.

long shower

#7 Take out some time for nature

While you still have to finish tomorrow’s presentation, take your laptop along with some healthy drink. Sit in your lawn’s bench or park. Breathe some fresh air and boost up your energy. Health and work both check, right?

nature time

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