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March 30, 2017

7 Wardrobe Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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Have you ever thought of wearing men’s clothes? But have faced difficulties in styling them? Don’t worry here we have collaborated women’s wardrobe with men’s wardrobe and got you 7 things that you can steal from your brother/husband//father’s wardrobe right away and ways to style them. So here we present you 7 wardrobe hacks to dress differently every day.

#1 T-shirt

We all are in love with the way oversized t-shirts make us look so cool and sassy.  And what could be better than stealing one from your hubby/brother/father’s wardrobe? You can wear them as one-sided off shoulder tops or as a t-shirt dress or just the way they are. And for all the skinny girls out there. Don’t be disheartened as you can also rock the oversized t-shirts with some styling tips. Pair an oversized t-shirt with a sleek belt in middle and you are good to go.

wardrobe hacks - oversized yshirt men's wardrobe


#2 Jogger pants

I guess every man has a pair of joggers in his wardrobe.  But what do they do with it? Just wear them at home. Right? But girls you can grab one of their jogger pants and rock your outfit in no time. As 2017 focus more on outfits that give us leisure, jogger pants is the best to play with. Wear them with cool texted tee or a top and feel comfy the entire day.

wardrobe hacks - jogger pants men's wardrobe


#3 Shirt

Women look sexier in shirts than men. Agree? There is no need to spend a buck in buying a new shirt as you can borrow it from your hubby/father/brother. There are different ways to style a simple shirt. Wear it with a tank top inside with buttons open or you can even wear it as it is. Get a checked shirt and pair it with a tee inside to look super cool.

wardrobe hacks - oversized shirt men's wardrobe


#4 Jeans

Your hubby/brother/father’s jeans can be your boyfriend jeans. As man’s jeans can’t fit you, they work exactly like boyfriend jeans. You can pair it up with tops, t-shirts, shrugs, jackets.

wardrobe hacks - boyfriend jeans men's wardrobe


#5 Jackets

Jackets look more awesome when they are loose. Women can always wear their hubby/father/brother’s jackets to instantly add a masculine look to their outfits.  You can wear them over dresses, jumpsuits, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

wardrobe hacks - oversized jacket men's wardrobe


#6 Sweatshirt

We must agree that man’s section consists of a cooler variety of sweatshirts as compared to women’s section. So why not wear theirs only and save some money?

wardrobe hacks - oversized sweatshirt men's wardrobe


#7 Shrug

Surprised? Yeah, I know man don’t wear shrugs but how about converting one of their shirts into shrugs? Yes! You heard it, right girls. Convert an XL XXL sized t-shirts into shrugs and get the whole new look out of it. Here is a video showing step by step tutorial on how to convert a t-shirt into a stylish shrug. Trust me, these are great wardrobe hacks which would enable you to get a new outfit everyday.

Now I guess you never have to say I have nothing to wear! because we have given you tons of wardrobe hacks to keep your style game always on the point that too with men’s wardrobe and look super cool. If you feel like giving your ideas and add something to the list please do share your fashion hack through the comments section below.

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