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July 28, 2016

7 Wanderlust Jobs For Those Who Are Wanderers At Heart

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It’s rightly said “Of all the books that exist in the world, the best stories are written between pages of a passport.” Are you a wanderer at heart? Have a strong desire to rove around the world? If you answered the above with a ‘Oh Yes’, you are at the right place and you are definitely going to love our list of jobs that let you travel around the world. Travelling for living is like doing something that you love for money, so it’s definitely a win- win situation! Here’s the list of wanderlust jobs that allow you to wander to places you had only dreamt of:

#1 Travel Writer

A travel writer is one of the most sought after job. Its one of the jobs that pay you to travel a place and write about your experience there. Most of the times a travel writer is also given a VIP treatment in the hope of getting a glowing review. Getting a good travel job however is tough and you might have to send in a writer by yourself at first. But once you settle in to it travel writing is no less than a dream job.

travel writer


#2 Au Pair

Au Pair is someone who goes overseas to stay with a host family. The Au Pair is required to take up domestic responsibilities such as domestic work or helping in child care, they also get some allowances. Au Pair is a great way to calm your wanderlust on a small budget is one of the easiest wanderlust jobs.

au pair


#3 English Teacher

An English Teacher is in demand everywhere. In most cases you don’t even need a degree in teaching as prerequisite to attain a job as an English teacher. The travel however in this job is a bit different. You won’t be seeing a new place everyday but you’d get to stay in a particular place for a long time and absorb the culture. In many places teachers are hired on a yearly contractual basis. So allowing you to rove to different places.

english teacher


#4 Archaeologist

This kind of a job is perfect for someone who loves to travel, has a passion for history and enjoys spending time outdoors. In this job you’ll get to excavate ruins of various places and of course take a dip into the history of the known and the unknown. So that makes it one of the wanderlust jobs where you travel with a mission to find something.



#5 Travel Industry

As obvious as it may sound, but the travel industry has a wide variety of jobs for people who have a keen interest in traveling. Your job could be anything from a flight attendant to a pilot to a cruise ship worker. Jobs that involve travel as well as good pay, what more can one ask for?

travel industry


#6 Destination Wedding Planner

Watch people’s dreams come true while you are on yours. A destination wedding planner is one of the dream wanderlust jobs can be a brilliant career option for anyone who loves to travel, and has event managing skills. This job could take you to the most beautiful places you would only have dreamt of otherwise.

destination wedding planner


#7 Photographer

Capturing the world through their lenses is every photographers’ dream. Why not do that and get paid for it! Photographers are given a chance to travel various parts of the world and snap the world with their camera. But being a professional photographer would require one to actually be really good with his/her lens.



So the next time you have a strong desire to be able to travel the world, remember you can do so while you earn and make your passion your source of living.

“We travel for love, We travel for architecture, We travel to get lost.”

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