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August 27, 2017

7 Unique Design Hotels Around the World

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It’s very rare that one can imagine hotels to be composed of more than opulent hallways, bright-lit chandelier and extremely comfortable rooms with a white bed sheet and pillow covers. But there exist some really weird hotels which can absolutely turn upside down your whole perception. They give a chance to step out of boring, mundane hotels into the weird paparazzi designed especially for the intrepid, quirky and adventurous. Some are designed in the most eccentric manner while some are built in the most dangerous of places. In one way or another, some hotels have really stood out when all else tried following the crowd.

#7 Ice Hotel, Sweden

Planning to vacation in snow pants and fur? Visit the ICE HOTEL. Be it the beds or any other furniture, everything is made of ice and snow. The world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow is reconstructed every year in November where rooms, bars, and chapels are built with tons of new ice. How cool is this?

#6 V8 Hotel, Germany

Have automobiles been your greatest love? If yes then, it’s time to rejuvenate that love by visiting this hotel in Germany in which all rooms are themed around the automobile. Enter the hotel and you’ll surely find vintage cars, racing paraphernalia and drive-through cinema.

#5 Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Are you a science freak? Has living in a UNO been your dream? Well, it can be fulfilled because of the generosity offered by Free Spirit Spheres located in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada.  Three UNO-like spheres made from cedar and fiberglass, have been suspended from the trees with the help of ropes. Be ready for some light swindling!

#4 Hotel CasAnus, Belgium

This hotel will offer you a double bed, an electric heater and a hot shower but everything inside an intestine! Created by Joep Van Lieshout, this hotel is marvelous in its art sculpture. Truly, the weirdest place to sleep in. An intestine? Oh My God!

#3 Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Although completed, this hotel is yet to open. Built in underwater this hotel has already become so famous that a pre-booking of 1,50,000 has been made. 13 years of genius and labour has truly created one of the greatest marvels of humankind.

#2 Das Park Hotel, Austria

Who could have imagined living in a hotel made out of sewage pipes? Shocking, isn’t? Well, don’t worry because this time the concrete won’t hurt your back and neither will any stench disturb your sleep. Das Park Hotel is totally fascinating, indeed!

#1 The Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

The structure of the hotel resembles a hush puppy. Taking the term ‘dog lover’ to a whole different level, this hotel can be fascinating to all because of its exterior. Don’t worry it’s completely pet-friendly but not so pocket-friendly.

Featured Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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