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April 11, 2017

7 Travel Essentials You Must Carry While Travelling

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Short trips in India

Whether you are travelling for the first time or for the hundredth time; somehow we always feel that we have missed something. The feeling is dreadful and somehow we are panic mode throughout the travel. While we want to travel light (because of airline’s stringent baggage policies or your nature); traveling should be fun and not stressful.

To take stress out of traveling and make it more fun, HookedUpon brings you a list of essentials to take on a trip.

#1 Carry only the important but the essential documents

You may want to carry each and every printout just so that your travel is hassle-free but most of don’t organize our travel essentials. As a rule of a thumb, keep your tickets, passport and visa together. These 3 are the main things to carry when travelling. Next keep your credit cards, foreign currency and hotel reservations. Always split your foreign currency and keep them in separate pockets.

Travel Essentials-Travel documents carry on essentials

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#2 Essentials in your handbag

Keep all your travel essentials in a handbag so that you don’t need to, again and again, get them from the luggage bag. A pair of sunglasses, tissue paper, mobile charger, camera and hand sanitizer are some of the things one should always carry in their handbag. Just make sure you don’t keep batteries in your hand luggage or big lotion bottles.

Travel Essentials-things in handbag

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#3 Pack light

Before you start packing, always check with airlines regarding the baggage allowance. You don’t want to overpack and either pay extra at the airport or dump the extra luggage. The luggage you decide to check in should atleast 3-5 kgs lighter than the baggage allowance. Also keep your hand luggage light because you may always not find space in overhead bin or may have trouble when running to catch next flight.

Travel Essentials-Pack light

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#4 Prepare yourself for different climates

Try carrying an umbrella or a raincoat so that they could be helpful when in need. These things would help you in distress time.

Travel Essentials-Prepare yourself for different climates

Pic credit-fineartamerica.com

#5 Don’t carry cosmetics and other toiletries

Soaps, towel, head mask are some of the things which every hotel provides. So it is better not to carry them and increase the weight of your luggage.

Travel essentials-No cosmetics

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#6 Good choice of Footwear

Try carrying footwear that is comfortable and you can walk on any terrain. We suggest carrying a comfy pair of slippers, walking shoes and formal shoes (just in case you decide to go partying or on an impromptu date).

Travel Essentials-Choice of footwear

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#7 Carry your Meds

If you are suffering from some medical problem then don’t forget to carry your medicines. But also carry your essentials medicines to take on a trip. You may always not find your medicine outside your country.

Travel essentials-Carry meds

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