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September 8, 2015

Carpooling in India? Consider these 7 do's & don'ts!

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Carpooling in india

Carpooling is a great idea. Not only in the west but carpooling in India can turn out to be the coolest thing to do. It’s fun because you don’t have to travel to work and back, bored out of your wits. It’s a lot cheaper in the pocket, and it sets a great example for others who constantly crib about traffic. Because do remember, we’re the root cause of traffic woes after all.

But the good news is that we’ve been noticing a number of people who are actually putting this practice to good use and are commuting together. We’re big fans of such folks because instead of cribbing about the traffic day in and day out, they are being part of the solution and doing something about it.

With this really positive culture on the rise, let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts in the system.

Let’s start with the do’s, shall we?


#1 Communicate

What’s the point of traveling together if you guys don’t talk, right? There’s absolutely no need for any awkward silence. One of the main reasons carpooling is such a great idea is that you get to meet new people. If you already know them well, then nothing like it. Otherwise, share new experiences, stories, and strike up a fun conversation when possible.

Carpooling in India

#2 Respect

Respect your fellow passengers. Make the ride enjoyable for everyone. If you’re the driver, try and pick everyone up on time. If you’re a passenger try and be wherever you have to be picked up from on time. When you carpooling in india, respect is something comes out from country’s roots and traditions.Value the other person, and value the set of rules that have been agreed upon, like music, drinking, eating, whether people can smoke or not, etc.

Carpooling in India

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#3 Be safe

Safety has to be the prime concern if you’re driving the car. Remember, by driving rashly you’re not just putting yourself in danger, but others’ lives as well. Don’t drive like a maniac, follow traffic rules and make sure everyone is safe at all times.

Carpooling in India

#4 Take care of her

By her, I mean the car. Nobody likes to sit in a car that’s dirty, half-broken and can break down at any given point of time. Trust me, people do not want to travel in a car knowing that it might break down at any given point of time. Try and keep your car nice and shiny, like it’s supposed to be. Take the car for servicing every 4-6 months. A fully serviced car would mean relaxed passengers and a relaxed you.

Carpooling in India


#1 Be late

I’ve mentioned this before and I cannot harp on this enough. You being late might not make a difference to you, but it might land others into trouble with their seniors. You need to value everyone’s time like your own. Especially carpooling in india teaches you the great lesson of punctuality which is so required here. So, this isn’t just a carpooling tip, it’s a life lesson.

Don't be late while Carpooling in india

#2 Be annoying

Think before you speak. You don’t want to be an unpleasant co-passenger. If you are, they’ll boot you off the car. If it’s your car, they’ll stop traveling with you. Try not to pick up topics of conversation that aren’t appreciated by others. Try not to talk about things that might bore people, or put them off completely. If there’s a heated debate going on, try not to play the devil’s advocate. Keep it peaceful.

Don't be annoying while carpooling in india

#3 Make unnecessary stops

If you’re already getting late for work, I’m sure you won’t like it if someone keeps making unnecessary halts. A carpool is for everyone to travel together, not to run personal errands. If you do plan to make halts on the way, make sure you discuss this with your fellow passengers and do it only if everyone is okay with it. Be nice.

make unnecessary stops while Carpooling in india

Travel safe! And enjoy carpooling in India!

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