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October 15, 2015

7 Ways You Can Look Your Best With Makeup This Navratri

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Have you got plans to go for Garba this year? Yes? Great! But the last thing you need right now is to worry about makeup. And these quick tips to keep your makeup intact will help you enjoy yourself more and worry less.

1. Ice cubes

Before applying make-up, rub an ice cube over your face. This will help keep your skin cool, and avoid your makeup smudging.

2. Primer

We’re oh-so-quick to forget about this, but you won’t believe the magic of primer. It works the same way paint primer protects your walls, but on your face. Use a matte primer after applying moisturizer and sun screen. Don’t forget to choose a primer based on your skin-type.

3. Eye shadows

Use non-creamy, matte eye shadows. These last longer than cream-based eye shadows. And to further protect your eye shadow from smudging, apply a translucent loose powder.

4. Eye liner

Use a liquid eye liner, if possible. However, if you already own a kohl pencil then apply loose eye shadow in the eyeliner’s color, or translucent loose powder on top of the eye liner.


5. Foundation

A loose mineral-based foundation is much better than liquid foundation. If you have oily skin, then liquid foundations are a big no-no.

If you have scars or pimple marks, then make sure you use a concealer to conceal the marks. Needless to say, apply loose foundation.

6. Mascara

Buy a good water-proof mascara. If the mascara package does not explicitly say that it’s water-proof, avoid like the plague!

7. Blotting Sheets

Unlike tissues, blotting sheets are made from rice paper to help your face stay shine-free. Go for either Clean And Clear or NYX.

Comments to 7 Ways You Can Look Your Best With Makeup This Navratri

  • Quite impressed with the post.Short, Interesting, and to the point.
    I have been following the ice routine for over a year now. Always helps to tighten the facial pores. :)

    Manavi October 6, 2016 5:40 am