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October 19, 2016

7 Things Only A Convent Student Understand

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Ayesha Jhulka

The Cathedral & John Connon, St Mary’s, Carmel Convent, Loreto Convent, etc are some of the top and well-known convent schools in India. Known for their teaching methodologies, rules, and regulations, there are some rules that you could say are the same throughout every Convent school in India. If you have been to a Convent, you could surely associate with all of these aspects.

#1 You become a singer, Oh no a Poem Singer

Convents have this interesting rule of thanking the almighty before and after everything. No matter if you are starting and finishing your day or even your lunch, you have to recite poems all the time. It becomes such a habit that convent students do it even when no one is around them. Not just these prayers and poems, you are also aware of the Christmas carols and hymns and can sing them perfectly. In addition, no matter what religion or belief you follow, you automatically pray just the way that Christians do. Strange is it! Not for the ones going to the convent, at least!

#2 Allergic to wrong pronunciations and poor English, Oh yes!

You have been taught and forced to speak English right from the day one you step in a convent. Initially, you just learn English and then it is all about correct grammar, pronunciations and usage of words that 90% of the people who do not go to convent will not even understand! This makes you such a pro at English that you suddenly have problems with everyone and you do not even spare those who make an unintentional mistake. Trust me on one fact; this habit of yours is going to help you land up at perfect places amidst the greatest of people some days.

#3 Uniform issues/ dressing styles

Be it the length of your skirt or neatly done hair, students going to convents has to be very attentive towards the way they get ready for the school every day. Trimmed nails with no nail paints, polished shoes, crisply ironed clothes and neatly combed hair are a few things a convent student has to do every morning before school. No matter what, you do not try messing up with these things, do you!

#4 Paying fines

You speak in a language other than English, you pay a fine! You do not brush your hair neatly, you pay a fine! Your shoes are unpolished, you pay a fine! It might sound strange but it is very much the truth that convent students have to live with all their school lives. Ask a convent student if they could save their pocket money. I dare you, they will not say a yes, not in any case!

#5 Moral Science lessons, Oh no!

You do not just learn moral science lessons in a convent but have to necessarily preach them as well. You are taken at places where you could contribute in improving other people’s life. Be it Mother Teresa’s lessons to feed the poor or the ones in which Christ taught us to be generous and forgiving, you are taught all this regularly, with a hope to make you a better person.

#6 Sex education classes

Nothing sounds stranger than the fact that a nun or a priest is talking about the sex education. Well, they do this in convents! They explain you about the sensitive topics related to sex is a way that the only thing you could infer from it is that you do not talk about it. How convenient, is not it!

#7 Annual Day – A play on Jesus

Trust me when I say this, an annual function in convents is all about this and in spite of all the other performances, and the winner would always be this one play that is inspired by the life of Jesus.

Feeling nostalgic! No matter how much you hate these moral teachings, these were your foundation stones and they only made you a better person and would continue to do so all your life.

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