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January 12, 2017

7 Things That Remain The Same Even As The Generation Changes

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The end of the 90s was the end of an era and so the millennials were born. The generation which was said to be gifted and advanced. The millennial lifestyle, the millennial fashion, millennial this and that. Almost everything changed with the coming of this generation ‘Y’ but few things never change. The generations change. The 90s kids and the millennials might have very different viewpoints, different lifestyles but there are few things they share; few comforts, few guilty pleasures, few joys and few tears because in the end few things never change.

Here let us look at 7 things that remain same even as the world evolves!

#1 The joy of eating Ice Cream in winters

We know it can make us sneeze for the next whole week but there is a reason it is our guilty pleasure. Ice cream is beyond the concept of age and generations.

#2 Using the complete eraser without loosing it

Enough said! You know what is the black hole made of? Erasers, bobby pins and rubber bands! I don’t know a single person who has successfully used a complete eraser. If you do, please tell us because the world needs to know such great personalities.

#3 The comfort of pajamas

Coming home means coming back to our favourite attire – The pajamas! Nothing in the world is as comfortable as sitting in your bed doing absolutely nothing in your PJs. So be it the 80s, 90s or even the millennial age, our love for pajamas can never get old.

#4 Not getting enough sleep

I need to meet a living soul who gets enough sleep every day. Facebook keeps us awake the whole night but the problem of not getting enough rest was born with the human race and will be buried with it only.

#5 Disney movies and chill!

The first Disney princess is about 80 years old and ever since Disney has been a very crucial part of our growing up journeys. A world of fascinations, a place of possibilities, a land of dreams, Disney with its deep yet light hearted movies have never failed to impress us.

#6 The feeling of first love

Sitting with your parents, listening to their stories, often there are things you couldn’t relate to. So many things that completely belong to their times now but the feeling of first love, it cannot change. Remember the first time you fell in love? When the pain of heartbreaks was not known to you, when you really believed in soulmates, the butterflies you felt when you saw them, the joy of being with them, the innocence in all your attempts. Yes, the feeling of first love cannot change because of emotions – they remain same.

#7 Search for the pursuit of happiness

Finding your passions, nurturing your beliefs and knowing who you are and what is your pursuit of happiness, the search that pushes us each day and probably the answer to all our miseries but finding your bag of happiness is never easy, it takes a lot of hard work, few breakdowns and strength to stand up again. The struggle will never change.


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