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March 9, 2017

7 Things That Everyone With A Sibling Can Relate To

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“I smile for you are my sibling. I cry because there is nothing I can do about it.”
Useless arguments, endless fights, limitless tears – all this comes in package with a sibling. You’ll get irritated with their ways, but you can never leave them. That’s sibling love! Here are 7 conversations that everyone has had with their sibling, at least once:

#1 “This is mine and this is yours. Do not touch my portion.”

#2 “Don’t try to act to too smart. I’ll tell mom about last week.”

#3 “She started it. She punched me first.”

#4 “Where is the chocolate that I had kept here?!?”

#5 “How do I look?” “Ugly, as usual.”

#6 “I’ll get late coming home. Please open the door for me quietly.”

#7 “You are adopted. You were found in a dustbin.”

The ones you fight with are the ones you love. You may call names to your siblings, but when someone else does it, it is you and your siblings against the world. Sibling Power!! 😀

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