August 21, 2016

7 Things Every Person with Spectacles Can Relate To

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The first thing most of the people search for after waking up is their mobile phone. But for a few of us, our day begins by searching for the thing that enables us to see the mobile – our spectacles. Here are 7 things any person with spectacles can relate to:

#1 Being stereotyped as geek/nerd

It is annoying when people judge a person based on the fact that they use spectacles. But I have no complaints as long as I get to be the smart one.

#2 No sunglasses

One thing that we cannot wear are those fancy sunglasses. After all, vision is more important than fashion.

#3 Foggy glasses

Walking out of an AC room, drinking hot beverages or opening the microwave door – these small actions are enough to fog the glasses and make us go looking for wipes.

#4 I am not blind

Friends who take off your spectacles and ask if you can see the number of fingers they are holding up. For God’s sake, I have poor vision, I’m not blind.

#5 Rain is pain

For many people, getting soaked in rains is the best thing ever. But for us, it means getting droplets on the glasses and blurring our vision.

#6 Spectacles are babies

You feel nervous when people ask to ‘try’ on your spectacles, lest they scratch or break them.

#7 Adjusting your spectacles

Jump, Stand, Hug, Sit… Move even a little, and your spectacles move too.  Every movement of the body has to be followed by adjusting your spectacles to the most comfortable position.

Overtime, spectacles don’t remain just a device which helps you to see clearly. They become a part of your personality. And definitely, specs are the new cool!

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