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February 20, 2016

7 Things Every College Student Can Relate To

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Things Every College Student Can Relate

College is undeniably the most memorable time of our life. If we are lucky, we make life-long friends and if we are luckier, we have some pretty awesome memories with them too. We might not realise this during college but the truth is we miss everything about it. Here’s to college and the Things Every College Student Can Relate to.

#1 Submitting Assignments

We never really submit our assignments on time, do we? Despite all those promises and swearing each time, that this is the last time we are submitting the assignment last minute, somehow we never manage to do it on time. “Yeh pakka last time hai”, not! One of the primary things Things Every College Student Can Relate to.

#2 Proxy

Computer geeks, stay bad. This is college slang. ‘Proxy’ has saved all our lives when we simply didn’t want to wake up and attend the morning class and has shown us who our true friends are. Either we have done it for someone else or someone else has done it for us. This is to all acknowledge all those “Bhai, tension mat le, proxy de dia” friends.

#3 ‘PARTY’

 We are constantly looking for bali ka bakra who can feed us. Be it an exam where we have passed, or his new relationship, or just any random things that does not even need to be payed attention to, the bali ka bakra will always have to spend his money for the kanjoos friends. We love how we can always go to him, say “Bhai party” and actually get to eat good food. After all who wants to have same old canteen food that just tastes awful!

#4 All-Nighters

This might just be the most important of the Things Every College Student Can Relate to. Remember those nights where we had to Red bull, coffee, ice cold water and what not we have tried to keep ourselves up through the it. YES! The good old All-Nighters. We still wonder how we either stayed up all night to prepare for an exam or submit an assignment that is due, don’t we?

#5 Weekend Dhobi

The last thing you want to do on your weekend is wash your clothes. We all have worn clothes again and again till they became visibly dirty. Relate Level: Over 10000.

#6 Snooze Snooze

Alarm set at- 7 a.m., 7:15 a.m., 7:30 a.m. … Can you relate? So can we. We have set night alarms to take small naps to recharge ourselves. But somehow we never heard the alarm; we just slept through. And woken up after eight light years or more only to regret and cry and do everything but study. But admit it, college isn’t the same without these hours of sleep.

#7 The Chosen One

And this one is the universal truth, the ultimate knowledge that you can ever hope for in college: You have not taken an elective just because you are interested in the subject. You have taken it to sleep through the morning, to get back the love of your life that College, The Villain, took away from you.

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