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May 26, 2016

7 Superstitions Followed in Every Indian Household

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Every culture and region in this world have its own set of superstitions. India is no exception to this. But, you have to admit that some of these superstitions are simply weird. And some of these superstitions seep into our day-to-day life and become an inseparable part of it. So, here’s a list of 7 superstitions that are common in almost every Indian household:

#1 Cutting nails or hair on Saturday

Cutting nails or hair on Saturday is a big no-no in India. It is believed that cutting nails or hair on Saturday pisses off Shani (Saturday is supposed to be the day of Shani) and brings misfortune.


#2  Cutting nails after sunset

Why just Saturdays? Cutting nails after sunset is also considered inauspicious. This might have had some sense in the pre-electricity era. But now, when electric lights make rooms brighter than they are during the day, not cutting nails after sunset makes no sense.


#3  Whistling at night

When I was a kid, it was told that whistling at night attracts snakes into the house. However, No one ever answered my question as to how can my whistle from the fourth floor be heard by the snake in the ground and how will it climb its way to our house.
P.S. Technically, snakes are deaf. They cannot hear sound but can sense vibrations.

superstition 3

#4 Shaking legs while sitting

It is believed that shaking legs when sitting idle brings bad luck upon the family. Well, How does that happen is never explained.

#5 Calling out a person about to leave

People say that we are not supposed to call out to someone about to leave as it brings bad luck on him. But, isn’t it obvious that we will call and ask person leaving the house about where he is going??

#6 The power of three

Like thirteen, three is also supposed to be an unlucky number. We are advised to never do anything 3 times, let it be eating 3 chocolates or taking 3 servings of a meal.

superstition 6

#7 The colour black

Black colour is considered inauspicious. People believe wearing black clothes during pujas or on a special day brings bad luck.

How much ever amusing we may find these superstitions, the truth remains that these are still blindly followed in many parts of India. It’s high time that we Think instead of blindly following illogical superstitions.

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