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January 19, 2017

7 Successful Actresses Who Faced Sexual Assaults

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yukta mookhey

The glamour of the Indian film and television industry attracts thousands of girls to move to B-town every year to fulfill their dreams of becoming an actress/model. However life is not all cakes for these celebrities. Apart from struggling for years together to get some good work in the industry, they go through a lot in their personal and married lives as well. If you thought that domestic violence, physical abuse and sexual assault do not concern these celebrities, read on to know the truth. There is a lot that these gorgeous women hide behind their pretty faces.

#1 Yukta Mookhey
One of the most beautiful women of India, this actress faced many issues in her married life. From being physically abused to having forced for unnatural sex, she put many legal allegations on her husband. She called it quits and moved to her parents’ when she could not take the assault any longer. Although many speculations were made, the true story remains hidden.

#2 Kalki Koechlin

This bold actress, globally known for acting skills and strong views about women’s issues had a dark childhood, filled with a memory of being sexually abused. Although she never talked much about this, she was always of the thought that the person who is facing such issues should not need to talk about them to anyone. She is often seen supporting such causes as well.


#3 Sofia Hayat

This British model turned actress is known for her bold pictures and exposing style of fashion. However looking at what she is today, no one would believe that she has gone through a rough childhood and was sexually abused by a person known to her family.


  1. Anoushka ShankarThis internationally popular sitar player confessed about how she was sexually abused in her childhood again by someone that was known to her family. She confessed about her past when she was addressing the cause of women’s right.

#5 Somy Ali

Born and brought up in Pakistan, went through an abusive childhood and it is only due to her personal experiences that she chose to work in this field and now runs an NGO that helps the women suffering from any kind of violence and abuse.


#6 Paridhi Sharma

Popularly known as the Jodha of the Indian television, she allegedly blamed the director of show Jodha Akbar for sexually assaulting her for a long time. Since she did not file any complaint against him, not much happened and the matter soon got away from the limelight.


#7 Anita Advani

In spite of the fact that she lived with Rajesh Khanna for a long time and was with him in his last times, there was a twist to the tale initially. She accused him of physically assaulting her in youth days but she was ignorant of the matter as she was very immature to understand what happened.

Women have been facing this issue in many spheres of life, however glamorous it may seem. Right kind of upbringing and awareness is the only solution to prevent such instances and give the generations to come a better place to live in.

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