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August 27, 2017

7 Stylish Ways To Make a Statement with Necklaces

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A statement necklace is a piece of jewelry that can elevate your simplest outfit. Not only this, it adds a certain charm in all of your appearances. Dress up or dress down, a statement jewelry will always take your attire to a whole new level. Here are seven stylish ways to wear a statement necklace.

#1 Casual Attire

We all love jeans and plain t-shirt. It is our go-to casual attire. Add oomph to your everyday casual attire but adding a statement necklace.

#2 With Formal Attire

Got a party to attend right after office? You don’t have to carry two separate wears and change in those tiny office washroom cubes. Just carry a statement necklace with you and wear it when you are ready to go the party.

#3 Add Some Interest

A black dress is never out of fashion and is a must in every women’s wardrobe. But, let’s be honest,  all black can sometimes be monotonous.  Pair a statement necklace with your black dress and take the dullness away.

#4 Pop Some Colours

Match up your pristine white or pastel coloured dresses with a colourful statement necklaces to add some colour and warmth to it.

#5 Play With Hues

Don’t be afraid of wearing a colourful necklace with a colourful attire, combine two or three necklaces if necessary. Keep the hair and makeup minimal to rock this look.

#6 With Printed Dress

It’s  not necessary to wear statement jewelry with only solid coloured outfits. Wear an eye-catching neck piece with printed tops or dresses and elevate your look to next level.

#7 With Any Kind Of Winter Wear

We all feel too lazy to get out of bed in winter. And when we finally do leave the bed, we usually don’t have enough time to get ready. Just wear a statement necklace with winter wear and you are ready to take on those cold days.

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