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August 27, 2017

7 Stunning Desi Instagram Accounts That You Must Follow

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Asif Khan

Instagram is an obsession. Forlornly, though, it’s merely hard being a pro at instagraming, let only gathering a fan base. As Instagram quickly becomes a second online life after Facebook, there is no scarcity of accounts to pursue. Even as the majority of the Indian accounts die away in a jiffy, but still there are some who have established their commitment to Instagram. Here are 7 desi Indian Instagram accounts that you must follow:

#1 Avisha Chaudhary

Avisha’s Instagram talents are untainted aurous. She has got more than 26,000 followers. From fundamental life to voyage and people, every photograph on her feed is so simple and non-illusory that it’s tough not to keep scrolling ahead. The well-reflected captions also add even though the pictures speak for themselves. Her favorite project, known as the Voyage Diaries, is also very faddish amid instagramoholics.

#2 Satyarth Shaurya Singh

All posts are innovative and investigational. That’s what Satyarth’s introduction says and his work supports. Deep-rooted in New Delhi, he uses the description as the means to communicate his individual style of clicker. Frolicsome yet descriptive, every photograph has apart from been clicked vividly, it is also thoroughly filtered. Satyarth is also a promising movie maker.

#3 Prateek

What we normally fail to observe is in fact what makes the themes of Prateek’s surmising camera lens. From eye-catching sceneries to reverberating human feelings and habitual stuff, Prateek certainly knows how to bond with his followers. His intelligent sense of using filters is another thing that gets him the rising fame he enjoys. Stop-motion plus time-lapse videos are an additional quirky facet of his Instagram aptitude.

#4 Usaamah Siddique

It’s almost impenetrable to dig out a commendable ‘male’ fashion blogger in India. But Usaamah Siddique is one of the most excellent of this uncommon breed. If you are a gentleman who has the guts to live external the subtleties of blue, black and gray, @thedapperlabel is your food for fashion. The guy stuns every outfit like a boss while penetrating the Instagram fame.

#5 India Pictures

There is no lack of IG accounts who in fact claim to confine India the most excellent in their photographs. Sadly, though, the majority of them are total duds and fizzles. @Indiapictures on the opposite is a Mecca of eye-catching photographs from our land.

#6 Asif Khan

Asif Khan’s pictures are always followed by thoughtful captions on his account which if you pursue, proves to be some kind of his secret diary. He makes use of a black and white filter in the majority of his images and most of the frames are taken by people and their emotions.

#7 Ruksad Muhammed

Pseudo-nature lensmen are no unusual sight on Instagram. But Ruksad Muhammed is one young man who connects nature plus Instagram filters flawlessly. His judgment for detail and care for nature creates his account as the most excellent and the most natural nature photography accounts on Instagram.

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