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January 27, 2016

7 Stunning Cultural Changes in 90s Bambaiya kid’s life

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A lot has changed in “City of Dreams” but the place still has charms that mesmerize us. Like me, if you grew up in Mumbai in 90s, then you will relate to these 7 cultural changes.

7. Have you been to “The Mall” yet?

Escalator Ride

Mumbai is the first Indian city where Crossroads opened its doors in 1990s. Malls are no more an ostentatious spot but you must remember your first escalator ride?

6. Bell-Bottoms to Micro’s

Change in Fashion

While we no leave stones unturned to flaunt our sexy dresses but we do sometimes get nostalgic when we see bell-bottoms staring at us.

5. BK or Vadapav?

Burger King and McDonald are flocked by crowd. In 90s it was cool kids hangout place. You too went there to be the cool one but deep down you craved for Vada Pav.

4. Computers sent a chill down your spine

A two-year old knows how to use iPhone but in 90s very few homes owned a computer. There was no Wireless. For us it was a challenge to use a computer to play ‘Prince of Persia‘, forget doing assignments.

3. Band of Boys stole your heart

Don’t deny but that Band of Boys poster is still stuck inside your wardrobe.

2. Ride Downtown

Double Decker buses were fun. With roads less busy, they were sure fun to ride around the town.

1. It’s “Bombay” not “Mumbai”

No matter whether we call it Bombay or Mumbai, it will always be ‘Aamchi Mumbai‘.

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