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February 1, 2016

7 Social Viral Fads of 2015

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Meet 1st Social Viral of the Year: Be Like Bill

With just month gone, 2015 already seems far away. A lot happened in 2015 but there were some trends that left marks. You will re-live 2015 with these 7 trends that are now fads.

7. The year of selfies

2015 can actually be named the year of selfies. Not only did the word get added into the dictionary but also into our daily lives. No family get together was complete till someone took a selfie or rather felfie.   Did you know that in 2015 more people were killed by selfies than by shark attacks? That’s the new level that selfies had taken.

6. Challenge Accepted!

It all began with the famous ALS ice bucket challenge. Honestly half the people weren’t even aware what the challenge was about it just spread like fire but unfortunately there was more to the challenge than torturing yourself with ice cold water. Followed by the ice bucket challenge there came more – The black and white photo challenge, the pretty girl challenge and many more and the year ended with the infamous Condom challenge that honestly has caused a few deaths itself due to asphyxiation.

5. No Shave Never

What started as a campaign to make people aware about men’s health issues and cancer has lost its cause. The month of November just gives more men reasons not to shave.

4. Hooked online


Tinder took 2015 by storm. We also saw launch of many new dating apps that vouched to be better then its counterparts. Why swipe the individual left or right when s/he is right in front of you?

3. Display pictures

Facebook Filters

With legalization of Gay marriages, Facebook launched a new feature – filter to modify your image to support that specific cause. All of a sudden, we saw people changing display pictures to support Digital India or Paris. If we really want to change the world, then we need to bring that change. Changing display pictures won’t bring that change!


Dubsmash is a cool and fun app but veryone went crazy. But kudos to Sonam Kapoor who used Dubsmash as a great platform to market her movie Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.

  1. Periscope

Internet security has always been a great concern. Periscope allowed users to live stream activities. Whether it was Twitter buying the app or Meerkat, Periscope became a craze for a while.

There are a lot of things we have left behind in 2015 but there is more in store for us in 2016. For example, Be Like Bill has got us all crazy. Don’t Be Like Bill but Be Yourself!

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