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November 2, 2016

7 Simple Ways To Bounce Back After Vacation

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Transitioning from a fantastic holiday to the boring routine life is never an easy task to accomplish. Vacation change our complete schedules and the worst part is resuming back to regular schedule. However, these simple ways in your schedule can help you bounce back much faster. This will help you resume work and routine in a very simplified manner.

#1 Rest

No matter if you went on a thrill-filled adventure trip or somewhere calm and serene to spend some good time with your dear ones, your body still needs rest when you come back. Just like they say, no bed is better than your own, spend some time resting and sleeping so that your body can relax and ready to resume routine.

#2 Detoxify the body

After eating those lip smacking dishes and putting on calories that will take months to burn on a holiday, you need something that could detoxify your body and throw out all the waste. Follow simple regimes that help you in this process. For instance, sipping on some detoxifying drinks can be a very good idea. Prepare one as per your choices and start drinking it as soon as you come back. Drinking lukewarm water, vegetable juices and lime juice are a few great ways that can help you in the process of detoxification.

#3 Return to work-out regimes

You would have hardly spent any time in the gym or exercising while you were on a holiday. If you have a workout regime, try resuming it as soon as you are back. If you do not have one, try with small steps like walking, jogging, cycling, etc. to boost up your body and mind. Working out after holidays is also important to shed down those calories that you have eaten and drunk while you were busy partying and holidaying.

#4 Healthy diets

Not just your mind but your stomach too needs a reality check as soon as you come back from a holiday. Switch to the healthy diet options as soon as you can to make sure you and your mind know the holiday is over. Salads, grilled vegetables, brown bread or anything that comes under the category of high protein and fiber diet can be your choice. If possible, go on a complete fruit and veggie diet for a few days to throw out all the waste from your body. Meanwhile, increase your water intake as well.

#5 Go home/grocery shopping

You have to load your utilities to make sure that you do not go out to eat and indulge in any kind of junk. The idea is simple, go to the supermarket, shop your utilities like grocery and other things that you essentially need for your home. This would freshen up your mind and give you a quick exercise as well.

#6 Plan the week ahead

Dreaming about the vacation, even after coming back is not going to do any good. But since you have had a great time out there, forgetting it and jumping to the present immediately is not possible. A simple thing that you can do to come out of this situation is to sit down and plan your week. Since you were out for quite some time, you will need to clean up around the house, get hold of what has changed at work and check if your kids have missed something in the school. Open your planner and make schedules manage all this and bring you back on the track.

#7 Dine out

Soaking yourself completely into work and regular lifestyle as soon as you come back is not a good idea. After 3-4 days of coming back, simply go out and dine in your favorite restaurant. Although you should keep a check on what you are eating, you can still eat some good things to get that feel good feeling and kill away the feeling of depression that you go through after resuming your routine.

While we want to spend maximum time vacationing, it becomes more hard to resume to normal activities immediately. Make sure you come back a day early and stay home for a day or catch an early flight back home and spend atleast half-day at home.

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