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June 2, 2016

7 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient

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7 Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient

Vitamins and nutrients are very important for the development of our body and brain. While we avoid sun due to its harmful rays but the sun rays provide the best Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only important for the development of our brain but also helps in preventing cancer, heart disease and many other kinds of infections. Despite the fact we have abundance supply of Vitamin D, still half the population suffers from Vitamin D deficiency. Are you Vitamin D deficient? These 7 signs or symptoms will help you find out whether you are Vitamin D deficient or not.

#7 Your Bones Ache

Individuals with throbs, agonies, and tiredness are regularly determined to have constant weakness disorder or fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, these side effects are ordinary appearances of a vitamin D deficiency. The absence of this vitamin results in less calcium retention by the skeletal framework. This can bring about a hurting, throbbing torment in the bones.

#6 Weak Muscles

The deficiency of vitamin D also leads to weak muscles. Research has proved that with vitamin D supplementation it can increase muscle control. It has even been found that adults over 60 only 20% have reported to have fallen sick.

#5 You Remain Depressed

Vitamin D affects to a great extent in mood fluctuations and elevations. Serotonin is responsible for mood and well being. Studies have proved that people with lack of Vitamin D are likely to remain depress most of the time. Vitamin D is also responsible for PMS other seasonal disorder.


#4 Head Sweating

Sweaty head is the best example of lack of vitamin D. Doctors nowadays suggests that if the new born babies have sweaty heads or they sweat excessively then they might need more amount of vitamin D.

#3 Chronic Health Issues

Lack of vitamin D even results in chronic health issues. Seasonal illness is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. Many children suffer due to flu even in summers. Whereas we know that flu is more common during winters. Vitamin D plays a significant part in protecting you from other diseases and also reduces your chances of cancer.

#2 Being Overweight

Vitamin D acts as a fat soluble vitamin, where the body fat acts a sink by collecting it. Therefore an overweight or obese person is likely to need more of vitamin D than a slimmer person.

#1 You have Dark Skin

Dark skin people are likely to be more deficient of vitamin D. The skin’s pigment is said to act as a natural sunscreen. African Americans are more likely to be deficient of vitamin D. The dark skin people should expose themselves ten times more than the light skin people to produce more of vitamin D. It has even been reported that SPF 30 reduces 95% chances of producing vitamin D.

Dark Skin

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