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April 22, 2016

7 Shocking and Horrifying Beauty Queen Murders

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Beauty Queen Murders

There were headlines that shook the world – when the news comes out regarding beauty queen murders. Sometimes, beauty comes at a price. And at times, that price is one’s life. Here’s a list of most beautiful women in the world who were murdered. These horrifying murders will both shock you as well as make you sad at such a loss!

#1 Thapelo Makutle – Miss Gay Kuruman

Described as a ‘homophobic hate crime’, this unsolved murder remained in the top stories for a long time. A gruesome murder took place in small town of South Africa and the victim was the 23 years old gay beauty queen. Makutle had an argument over his sexuality on the night of 8 June, 2012. The unidentified men followed Makutle to his rented room in Kuruman, broke down the door and attacked him, according to Shaine Griqua, director of the group LEGBO Northern Cape. Later, Tajani was arrested for the crime who had little remorse.

Beauty Queen Murders: Thapelo Makutle


#2 Genesis Carmona – Miss Tourism

Génesis Carmona was a Venezuelan fashion model, beauty queen, and college student who was killed while protesting against the Government of Venezuela during the 2014 Venezuelan protests. On 18 February 2014, Carmona participated in an anti-government demonstration. The attack resulted in several opposition protesters injured, 8 of those injured from gunshot wounds, including Carmona, who suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Witnesses described that she sunk to the ground after a bullet penetrated her left occipital skull area.

Beauty Queen Murders: Genesis Carmona


#3 Jill Ann Weatherwax – Miss Hollywood

Jill Ann Weatherwax  was an American model and aspiring singer. A former “Miss Hollywood”, Weatherwax was found stabbed on March 25, 1998 in Fresno, California. This is among the beauty queen murders that remains unsolved mystery forever. Weatherwax’s life and death was the subject of a 1999 episode of E! True Hollywood Story entitled “The Murder of Miss Hollywood”.

Beauty Queen Murders: Jill Ann Weatherwax


#4 Svetlana  Kotova- Miss Russia

This Miss Russia made it to headlines with her unsolved murder mystery. She was initially showered by flowers and later murdered by gangsters. Stunner Svetlana Kotova was one of her country’s top models. The gangsters strangled her partner and might’ve decided to kill Kotova in order to avoid being identified by her. She ended up in several pieces in a shallow grave only discovered by the Greek police four months later.

Beauty Queen Murders: Svetlana Kotova


#5 Kotlarska- Miss International

Agnieszka Kotlarska was a Polish fashion model. She was the first Polish winner of the Miss International beauty pageant in 1991. She was murdered by a creep who, for a long time, kept stalking her. She was murdered in Poland. Her 2-year-old daughter was a witness to the attack.

Beauty Queen Murders: Kotlarska


#6 Maria Jose Alvarado-Miss Honduras

Just hours before she had to take her flight for London contest, her murderer was busy loading her body. Unfortunately, her murderer was her sister’s boyfriend whose birthday party she was at. Being  stabbed by one of he close family member, it remains the darkest tale among the beauty queen murders ever since.

Beauty Queen Murders: Maria Jose Alvarado


#7 Monica Spear- Miss Venezuela

Venezuela is famous for its crop of Miss Universe winners—seven of them in all. Venezuela also has one of the highest murder rates in the world. The lovely and sultry Monica Spear won the Miss Venezuela crown in 2004 and proudly went on to represent her nation at the 2005 Miss Universe. She was also a successful actress. On a highway in central Carabobo, Spear and her ex-husband were killed during an attempted robbery and their daughter shot and wounded in the leg.

Beauty Queen Murders: Monica Spear


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