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October 22, 2016

7 Safe Driving Tips for Women Drivers

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Anything that could possibly go wrong during driving is blamed on women drivers. For reasons unknown, our society around the world feels that men are better drivers and women drivers are a threat. Statistically speaking, men drive more recklessly than women. But this article is not about men vs women. If you are a woman driver who has just got behind wheels then these safe driving tips are important for you.

#7 Stay Calm

If you are driving during rush hours or on busy roads, then stay calm. People tend to get aggravated and honk unnecessary. This may intimidate you and you may try to overtake or do an unnecessary action. The best way to deal with this situation is to only move car when you are sure that you will not bump other car or can maneuver comfortably.

traffic jam

#6 Avoid Distractions

Your car is not kitchen or dressing room. Avoid checking or applying makeup at traffic light. If you are a new mom and your child in the rear seat is crying, then park your car on the side and feed the toddler. Do not try to drive and shuffle your hand inside your handbag to find cheerios.

Similarly if you get a call, then park your car on the side, turn on flashers/blinkers and then take call. Remember, if you don’t answer then they can call back or you could call back.

applying makeup in car

#5 Always Stay Alert

Whether you are going to buy milk down the lane or going to business meeting 2 hours away, always wear your seat belt and make sure the mirrors are adjusted. If you think side mirrors are to be closed then think again! Car manufacturers were not dumb that they had put them there. Be extra careful at junctions and intersections where there are no signals or traffic light is not working.

If you are driving late at night then lock your doors and always carry pepper spray with you.

side mirrors

#4 Know thy ABC

Knowing car basics is not exclusive to men. When you are learning to drive, then make sure your instructor teaches you car basics such as changing tires, what to do when car gets hot or how to check low oil filter.

changing flat tire

#3 Get a Good Instructor

If you feel your family members suck at teaching you how to drive, then get a good instructor. Speak to him/her in advance and then learn to drive on his/her car and practice on your own car. When I was learning, I had asked my instructor only to use hand brake in absolute emergency. And he listened! That is a sign of good instructor.

driving instructor

#2 Shoes make a Huge Difference

No matter how comfortable or long you have been driving for, always drive the car in flats. Keep your party or office pair in your boot. You can always change when you get to work or party. Also no one will make fun of you because you drive in flats!


#1 Practice Makes One Perfect

This is absolutely true when it comes to driving. Take driving like a sport. Without practice you will never excel at your favorite sport. Runners practice like crazy to win marathon and players keep working on their strike. Similarly keep practicing to boost your confidence and to drive like a pro.

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