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February 26, 2016

7 Reasons You Must Watch Deadpool This Weekend

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Deadpool, the first superhero movie of 2016 has released already and we have already seen it (Yay)! If you are still contemplating whether to watch it this weekend or not, then we have the answer to your question. The film has broken numerous records and is the highest grossing X-Men film. With a 96% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 8.7 on IMDb, the movie should definitely not be missed. If we still need to convince you then here are 7 reasons you must watch Deadpool.

#1 Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has previously portrayed the character of Green Lantern but it seems Deadpool is a character made for him. There are some eerie similarities between the actor and the character which support my statement. He perfectly justifies the role and is an absolute delight to watch him as Deadpool.

#2 Endless Humor

Deadpool is also known as Merc with a Mouth. His humor lands him in trouble but he is different from other superheroes. I am so sure that I will fall off the chair while watching it, thanks to my crazy fits of laughter!

#3 Witty First Credits

The movie is brought to you by asshats and dochebags. Brutally honest, just like the character, the credits are crisp. We were already anticipating what the movie had for us in store and trust me, it exceeded my expectations.

#4 An Anti-hero

Superheroes are supposed to be honest, polite and idealist. None of these qualities are present in our ‘superhero’. He is flawed, selfish, loud and offensive but he protects the people and we bet you cannot afford to miss the twist.

#5 Superhero References

The writers didn’t shy away from giving X-men, Wolverine and Green Lantern (a character also portrayed by Ryan Reynolds on-screen, which was a flop by the way) references. Deadpool wonders whether James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart are in charge at the X-Mansion and he also carries around a figurine of his character in Wolverine: The origins.

#6 Breaking the Fourth Wall

Deadpool knows he is work of fiction and he acknowledges it in the film. He is known to break the fourth wall while addressing the viewers. The wisecracks and winks will make you laugh. Everything about the movie is quirky AND innovative, see?

#7 Sequel Announced

Before the success of the movie, there were plans in place to direct a sequel. The sequel has been given the green light. We just have to wait for the sequel to release. BRB screaming in joy!

Deadpool is not your typical superhero. He is obnoxious and self-centered but is more of a human being than a superhero . He will make you laugh your guts out but will give you action also. We really look forward to the success of the movie and hope it is acknowledged by everyone.  Don’t miss and watch the first superhero movie of the year 2016, as it already has been (unofficially) announced as a hit. You do not get to see this type of movies everyday!

Featured Image Source: screenrant

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