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March 8, 2017

7 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Detox

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Time to Detox

We all have heard the word “detox” which has recently been in buzz. Since it is a new concept, there are lot of speculations and misconceptions regarding the actual use of detoxing.

In layman’s term it is a simple a process by which one can refrain from or get rid of toxics from the body. While we may not consume toxic food intentionally, indirectly we have been consuming them? Every day we consume lot of junk food. If you think that just avoiding oily food will do, then probably you are not aware of the harm sugar and carbohydrates in excess can do to your body. Besides environmental pollutants are always there.

If you are suffering from bouts of depression, insomnia, lethargy, stress, indigestion, body odour, mental fog and excess weight gain, it is time for you to start detoxing. However, giving your body a break once a month is also not a bad idea. Here are some of the ways detoxing can benefit your body and help it to rejuvenate.

1. Getting rid of the toxins from our body

For all these years our body has been storing various forms of toxic, starting from food to environmental pollutants. Detoxing can help you get rid of all those toxic substances and give a healthy body.

2. Improves our immune system

The amount of toxic that our body has stored often leads to a weak immune system, leaving us susceptible to infections and diseases. Detoxing will help our body to improve its immune system and get rid of the toxic naturally.

3. Avert chronic diseases

Environmental toxins can lead to a greater chance of having chronic diseases like, neurological problems, cancers, skin diseases etc. Our body has its own detox system which tries to keep these problems at bay. Still it can be difficult for our body at times. Detoxing can help our body to prevent the growth of these diseases in our body.

4. Lose weight

Our body tends to gain weight when it cannot burn the fat. Higher amount of toxic in the body can affect our body’s capability to initiate this process. Detoxing can help us to get rid of the toxic and improve our metabolism.

5. Improves our skin

Presence of toxins in our body can lead to acne breakouts and other skin problems. If the toxics are removed from our system, these skin problems can be prevented.

6. Increase in energy reserves

Detoxing ensures that our physical and emotional energy is improved. People tend to sleep better after detoxing. Better sleep can lead to better peace of mind.

7. Improves the quality of our life

With so much of toxics and problems in our system, our body cannot function properly. Naturally our quality of life is compromised. Detoxing ensures that we have a better body system. Depression and stress can be controlled to a great extent with detoxing.

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