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April 3, 2017

7 Reasons that Make Minions Adorable!

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Minions! These cute, little and adorable beings can take away your heart just with their cuteness. They were first introduced in the Hollywood movie Despicable Me and then in Despicable Me 2 but as their fan-following increased, an exclusive movie solely based on them was released in 2015 titled Minions. They fill you with joy and craziness, and certainly bring a smile on your face,

#1 Their Cute Size And Shape

Those little yellow capsule- shaped creatures can win anyone’s heart . Right from their bright yellow skin to their big and goofy glasses, first they attract your attention and the next moment you are going gaga over their adorable minion faces!


Pic Credit-http://www.greenvilleonline.com

#2 Their Unity

Though they are always found making fun of each other yet in dire times they act as a group! You can find them fighting great villains with their unity. Their small size does not matter when they have the whole minion force at their back ready to fight for them!

united minions

Pic Credit-https://in.pinterest.com

#3 Their Friendship

They teach us the basic rules of friendship:

  1. Always make fun of your chaddi buddy.
  2. You can fight with your friends in jest.
  3. By when the real time comes, Stand In Solidarity.

Even after getting kicked, beaten and made fun of; they never leave their friends. They are the true inspiration for a perfect friendship which is childish, at the same time, it is loyal!


Pic credit-http://www.hdwallpapers.in/

#4 Their Loyalty

We never see those cute bundles of joy ever complaining to Gru, their master. They are always ready to do anything for Gru. In the movie Minions, we can see them desperately finding a leader that can guide them and in the end when they found Gru, it was loyalty at first sight. They are always following Gru, though he gets irritated quite often, trying their best to be of some good help for him.

loyal minions

Pic Credit-http://weheartit.com

#5 Always Happy

Minions taught us: Come what may, be happy. Life is too short to fret or feel low. Even when they are fighting the villain they find moments to laugh and enjoy!

This is how we all should be programmed.

Enjoy every moment because You Only Live Once (y)

happy minions

Pic Credit-http://www.dailymotion.com

#6 Always Childish

Although we don’t know the age of minions (they never get old :P) since they have been there like forever (guess what, I just figured out their age: eons :P) but age is just a number for them.

May it be going gaga over an ice cream or playing pranks on other minions; they never lose the childish streak from their hearts (if they possess one! :P).

happy minions

Pic Credit-http://www.dailymotion.com

#7 And Finally… How These Cuteness Capsules Teach Us So Much!

They teach us all the good things in a cute minions way. The can be crowned as the cutest animated species in this world! Don’t you agree?

Believe it or not, life lessons learned in fun way are never forgotten!

Minions-teacher minion

Pic Credit-https://in.pinterest.com

Featured Image Source: http://tnst.randolphcollege.edu

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