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April 2, 2017

7 Reasons Why We Love ‘Once Upon A Time’ Evil Queen

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Every fairy tale has an evil who we all hate from the core of hearts but ‘Once Upon a Time‘ is a popular US TV series that has made us all fall in love with the antagonist in the story- the Evil Queen a. k. a. Regina Mills in Storybrooke. Although there are plethora of reasons to fall in love with her but here are the 7 major reasons that make her the most lovable Evil Queen in the series.

P.S- For those of you , who haven’t watched it yet there are spoilers ahead so stop reading , watch the popular American TV series which is also the best ongoing TV show right now and falls under the most recommended TV shows category!

#1 Loving Mother

One can clearly see how much Regina cares for her son, Henry. He is not even his blood- related child, yet this fact does not dampen her love for him. She loves him so much that she could cross realms to save him. This is clearly evident when she goes to the Neverland, just to save Henry.

Evil Queen-Regina and her son Henry

Pic Credit-https://nolannabiblog.wordpress.com

#2 Knows What Love & Broken Heart Is

No one can call the Evil Queen heartless because it was her love for Daniel, the stable boy, that made her evil. She is heart- broken and longs to be loved. She is lucky enough to find another true love of her life, Robin Hood, who will help her find her happy ending!

Evil Queen-Regina and Daniel

Pic credit-http://everythingonceuponatime.weebly.com

#3 Is Ready to Amend Her Ways

After all her evil deeds, Regina is ready to transform into a wonderful being for her son. She is ready to leave all her magical powers just for the sake of becoming a better being. She even leaves her evil deeds later in the season and turns into a new leaf, showing heroic behavior, quite unexpected from the evil.

Evil Queen-Repenting Regina

Pic Credit-http://onceuponatimeabc.wikia.com

#4 Amazingly Smart

Regina is amazingly smart and hard- working as a learner. No one can agree better on this fact other than Rumplestiltskin, his magic tutor. Even as a tutor, she is smart enough of teach Emma basic magic. Her intelligence is clearly reflected in her moves like the one where she cleverly defeats her super powerful sister, Zelena, by her wit.

Evil Queen-Rumpelstiltskin-and-Regina

Pic Credit-http://mariusioannesp.blogspot.in

#5 Accepts Her Sins and Repents for Them

Many a times, in the series on can witness the repenting Evil Queen who feels sorry for all the bad deeds she has done. She accepts her wrong- doings and does not shy away from their consequences. One can often find her repenting her deeds and crying out loud. Most of the time, it’s good being like Snow White or Emma that helps her out of her misery bog.

Evil Queen-Crying Evil

#6 Knows How to Fall in Love

She loved Daniel, her first- love so much that she preserved his dead body with a magic spell and even tried to make him alive with the help of Dr. Victor. Even when she has moved on from her first love, the heart- broken and alone Regina again falls in love with the Robin Hood opening the gates of her heart. She is ready to embrace love in her life and enjoy it every moment.

Evil Queen-Loving Regina

Pic Credit-http://www.melty.fr

#7 At Dire Moments, She Does the Right

We have witnessed many times when the Evil Queen turns heroic. We have seen her sparing the life of her greatest enemy, Snow White, many times. She takes wise decisions when she knows that her actions can have significant impact on the future. She could have written herself a happy ending but is refuses to do so, turning all wise and righteous!

Evil Queen-Regina fighting for Good

Pic Credit-https://www.youtube.com

In conclusion we can say that the Evil Queen is not so evil, after all!

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