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August 24, 2015

7 Quirky Home Decoration Ideas To Make Your Room Stand Out

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Frame it up!

Everyone loves their own space. And there’s nothing more fun than DIY!

Steal these little unique home decoration ideas which would light up your room and make people wonder where you got interior designed from.

#1 Bring on the wall art.

Nothing says personal more than art. All you’ll need is wall paint, brushes, a ladder and aprons. It’s best to create a sketch beforehand, so that you don’t go wrong. Once you’re done, bring out the supplies and get started.

Home Decoration Ideas - Wall Art

Source: corsaircharters.com

#2 Get a funky clock.

You can buy an edgy clock or create one of your own. All you need is an idea, and a motor for a clock.

Home Decoration Ideas: Wall Clock

Source: WordPress.com/vantagephotography

#3 Cushion it up.

Cushions are a great way to add comfort and colour to your room. Buy some from a variety of shops, or buy plain cushions and work your magic on them.

Home Decoration Ideas: Cushions

Source: ranario.com

#4 Ditch traditional shelves for something fun.

You can do a lot with shelves. Play around with shapes, positions, and colors and you’re good to go.

Home Decoration Ideas: Shelf


#5 Go crazy with the pictures.

Pictures add color and character to a room. Take some yourself, or make a collage, and your room will be as personal as can be.

Home Decoration Ideas: Pictures

Source: junkmail.co.za

#6 Write your attitude.

Got something to say? Opt for typographic art pieces, They’re classy and stylish, and you can say something you actually want to.

Home Decoration Ideas: Quotes

Source: A Beautiful Mess

#7  Add your favourite people.

Add photographs of your family and friends to the mix. Frame them, make collages of them, or create a wall art masterpiece with them. They look gorgeous, and seeing your favorite people around everyday will only add to the brightness of your room.

Home Decoration Ideas: Pictures

Source: pfgrenada.com

The home decoration ideas are easy to do and within few minutes will add that personal touch.

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