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February 28, 2017

7 Quick and Easy Mouth-Watering Maggi Recipes

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maggi recipes - maggi toast

Maggi, being a favorite of all age groups, has always been number one on the snack list. This 2-minute instant noodle from Nestle has left behind all the other brands and has been an ace noodle brand chosen by all. There was a time last year, when Maggi was banned and removed from the markets due to suspected MSG added extra in the product. But, no other product could replace Maggi and secure place in our hearts. Maggi is again back with a bang and has flooded the market all over India. Here we put forward a few interesting ways that can make Maggi recipes even more mouthwatering!

Scroll down to explore the best Maggi recipes.

#1 Maggi Noodles Spring Rolls

To make these spring rolls, you’ll need one packet of masala Maggi or more as per the quantity of spring rolls you want to make; veggies including cabbage, carrots, capsicum, spring onions, French beans, bell peppers, tomato ketchup, chat masala, salt, and plain flour paste. To make the filling, heat 1tbsp oil in a pan, sauté the vegetables in it, add chat masala, add noodles and the tastemaker, add water and cook till your Maggi is ready. On a spring roll sheet, spread the Maggi, make tight rolls and proceed with deep frying. Follow with a cutting of the spring rolls in pieces and serve hot. To make it interesting, you can also garnish with some grated cheese before you serve.
Maggi Recipes - spring rolls

#2 Baked Vegetable and Cheese Maggi

Maggi with cheese is a great combination. For this recipe, cook Maggi with the vegetables of your choice. In a baking tray, grease with some butter so that your noodles don’t stick to it and then pour the half cooked Maggi. Grate cheese over it and bake it for around 5 minutes. While baking, the cheese will melt and form a brown crust over the instant noodles.

Maggi Recipes - baked veg and cheese maggi

#3 The Maggi Salad

For crunchy bites, you can make your salad tastier by adding Maggi noodles to it. To prepare this, sauté Maggi noodles till they are golden brown in a pan. Put them into a bowl, add vegetables to it, add the Maggi tastemaker, salt and mix well. Add 1 tsp oil and stir well. Serve it garnished.

Maggi Recipes - maggi salad

#4 Maggi Bread Rolls

This twist to the normal recipe of Maggi brings a great snack to your table. To create these bread rolls, make noodles with vegetables in it, add grated cheese and sprinkle chili flakes and oregano to it and cook till the noodles are prepared. Divide Maggi into equal portions, take the bread slices, and roll the bread slices adding Maggi as the filling. Use a mixture of plain flour and water to seal the stuffing. Follow the same with the other bread slices. Before baking the rolls apply some butter on the rolls evenly and bake them for 15 minutes. Take them out, and serve hot.

Maggi Recipes - Maggi-Bread-Roll

#5 Maggi Toast

Looking for an interesting night snack? Have a Maggi toast. For this toast, prepare the usual Maggi, get 2 slices of bread toasted, spread some butter over the toasted bread slices, put Maggi in between them and this snack is ready for you!

maggi recipes - maggi toast

#6 Maggi Chapati Rolls

Chapatis sound boring? Then add a twist to it by adding your favorite Maggi to the chapati, from a roll out of it and you are ready with a yummy meal. You can also sprinkle some chaat masala over Maggi to make it spicier!

Maggi Recipes - maggi-chapati-rolls

#7 Chaat Masala Maggi

This being my favorite, chaat masala Maggi is for people who like their meals spicy. Prepare Maggi as usual. Add chaat masala to it when the water has evaporated and mixed well. You can also add sugar instead of chaat masala but for sugar, you need to add it before so that the sugar gets mixed well and doesn’t give a crunch while eating your favorite noodles.

Maggi Recipes - chaat masala maggi

Spoiler: All of these Maggi recipes take more than 2 minutes!

Bored of your everyday regular dishes? Add Maggi masala to your boring dishes and give you recipe complete makeover.

Have a great time enjoying these Maggi recipes and keep giving twists to your Maggi meal! Happy Snacking!

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