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January 6, 2017

7 Popular Yet Crazy Fan Theories Around Mr Bean

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The show that was started 26 years ago still manages to tickle our funny bone. The character was created by Atkinson during his time at Oxford University and was inspired by silent films and Jacques Tati. An animated series and major motion pictures were released in later years before Rowan decided to retire the character in 2012 because he thought, “someone in his 50s being childish is a little sad.” But the popularity of Mr Bean brought him back in 2014.

As much as we loved the show we also loved how the fans have some great theories that revolving around Mr Bean. So here are 7 nothing-but-crazy fan theories we came across!

#1 Mr Bean is an alien

A lot of fans believe that Mr.Bean was an alien who was trying to fit into the human world. The way the show started with a big spotlight on the floor and then Mr Bean dropped can be a way of showing an alien beamed down from his spaceship. He is just plain weird, is awkward around people and his own complicated way to do the simplest of things. He wears the same clothes all the time because he has no sense of how human dress and assumes they wear clothes like this.

mr bean


#2 Mr Bean is the alter ego of Johnny English

The fans have to say that Mr. Bean is actually just an alter ego of Johnny English to look inept and intellectually challenged in order to hide his identity. Johnny English was a thriller comedy movie Atkinson did about a British spy. Johnny English has had his fair share of mishaps and made several mistakes that not only hindered his progress with a mission but also endangered himself and others working with him. Bearing this in mind, Mr. Bean was created either by his superiors or Johnny English himself.

mr bean

#3 Mr Bean and Sean Bean share intertwined soul

Mr. Bean did some really crazy and dangerous stuff, like driving his car from a chair tied above it and crashing his car into a shop to save his parking fees. Most of the stuff he does can get him killed. Sean Bean, on the other hand, keeps getting killed in his movies. So clearly every time Mr. Bean should die, the fates conspire to save his life. But fate accounting for this means that someone still has to die. As a result, Sean Bean dies in his place. This means they have intertwined souls.

mr bean

#4 Mr Bean used to be normal before he was abducted

Mr.Bean is very childish and socially unaware all the time but then he has a driver’s license, a girlfriend, an apartment. How?

Some fans believe that Mr.Bean was a normal person but then he was abducted by aliens. The aliens took him back to their planet and conducted some test on him. After this they erased all his memories of their planet while doing so they disturbed his mental order. So when they dropped him back to earth, he became socially awkward, found a friend in a teddy and started doing things in his own alien ways.

#5 He is an extraterrestrial tourist.

Mr.Bean is just a tourist who is on a universe tour and one of his stops was earth. When on earth he lost his gadget to travel further and so he had to try to fit in. His teddy was an object to stay in touch back home and that is why he takes it everywhere.

mr bean

#6 Mr Bean is actually dead

Some fans of the show think that Mr.Bean has already died and the movie Mr.Bean’s Holiday is his journey to the heaven touted as a beautiful beach. The lost guy is actually his guardian angel.This is probably why the movie started in some type of church and the ticket he won is his trip to heaven. This means he was dead the whole time!

#7 Mr Bean is a soviet clone

The most interesting fan theory we came across was that Mr.Bean was a lab-grown clone that was made in Russia along with 300 other such clones. It was developed during the cold war Russia thought of releasing some genetically modified ‘citizen’ in several capitalist countries.These clones would be uniquely incompetent and unpredictable ensuing chaos. This would distract the countries and give the soviet union an edge if war breaks out. 57% of these clones died on the crosswalks, parking, driving or in swimming pools.

mr bean

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