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May 4, 2016

7 Popular South Indian Movies That Are Now USP Of Hindi Movie Channels

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popular south indian movies: chiru

South Indian movies are known for their high dose of drama, action and entertainment. For this reason, different Hindi movie channels show a dubbed version of these South Indian Blockbusters very often. Moreover, repeated telecast of Bollywood movies makes them boring for the viewers. So, popular South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi serve a fresh change for these movie channels and are very much liked by the Indian audiences. We present to you 7 of the top popular South Indian movies which are always in demand among the viewers of Hindi movie channels.

#1 Shivaji The Boss

Shivaji The Boss, starring the greatest star of South Indian movies, Rajnikanth, never fails to please the audience with its incredible scenes like fights over trains and millions of rupees flying in the air. The movie which is already stuffed with action, drama and fun is further enriched with a unique story about re-incarnation. This movie is telecast almost every month in some of the leading Hindi movie channels.

popular south indian movies: Shivaji the boss


#2 Ragada

This Nagarjuna movie is equally hit in Hindi with its Tollywood action sequences which are superbly charged. Although the name of this movie seems weird, but it never fails its audiences in terms of its entertainment value.

popular south indian movies: ragada


#3 Indra The Tiger

This movie is broadcasted on Hindi movie channels almost every week if not daily. This movie starring south superstar Chiranjivi has an interesting story that works perfectly to help anyone suffering from boredom.

popular south indian movies: Indra the tiger


#4 Chandramukhi

Those who love to watch horror movies will definitely like this movie if they want to see a different storyline in this genre. Plus, the presence of Rajnikant in it adds to the likability of this movie further.

popular south indian movies: chandramukhi


#5 Sabse Bada Don

This movie is a comedy and its story revolves around a guy who dreams of becoming a don. It is also very popular among Hindi movie channels as the dubbed version sounds even funnier.

popular south indian movies: sabse bada don


#6 Chirutha

Chirutha is a romantic revenge story. Chirutha means Leopard. Thus, as the title of the film suggests it is an action movie. One of the most handsome heroes of Tollywood and the son of Chiranjivi, Ram Charan plays the protagonist of this movie.

popular south indian movies: Chirutha


#7 Mr. Perfect

This South Indian movie’s dubbed version is often shown on Hindi movie channels. It is a romantic comedy liked a lot by the Hindi movie audience.

popular south indian movies: Mr. Perfect


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