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August 27, 2017

7 Popular Love Triangles That Kept Us Glued To The TV

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A love triangle brings essential spice to a TV drama. The romances and heartbreaks and complicated relationships keep us glued to the TV, do not matter how unrealistic they are. Though even the most dramatic person will not want to get involved in a love triangle, we definitely enjoy watching a character with complex love life and dilemma to pick the ‘One true love’.

#1 Stefan-Elena-Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

A love triangle is always fascinating. And when the triangle consists two hot and brooding vampires, it’s even more enthralling. Two vampire brothers, Stefan, and Damon fall in love with a human girl named Elena.

While fans’ involvement in crazy assumption was at the height, sadly no brother won this love contest, as Elena’s character meets a shocking and unfortunate end at the end of season 6.

#2 Chuck-Blair-Dan (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl gave us numerous love triangles over six of years. But, it was Chuck-Blair-Dan triangle that engaged us with sheer passion and intensity. The triangle started when Dan realized he is deeply in love with Blair, knowing she loved Chuck for ages. He became the silent lover, staying with Blair whenever  she needed a shoulder to cry. They dated for a brief period too.

However, the epic love of Chuck and Blair won at the end; after all, they had too much history to ignore.

#3 Brooke-Lucas-Peyton (One Tree Hill)

This is the most common love triangle story where two best friends fall for the same guy or girl. BFF Brooke and Peyton fall in love with Lucas. Lucas falls for both of them and declared his love for two of the women in different times.

After 4 seasons of confusion, the real life equation of the actors changed the storyline and Lucas finally went for Peyton.

#4 Anna-Seth-Summer (The OC)

Seth, the awkward and introvert kid in the class was in love with the popular girl, Summer for a long time but never confessed his love. He meets Anna. She quickly became a friend of Seth and helped him to become more confident. In the process, they develop a relationship only to discover Summer has fallen in love with him too.

Summer was the ultimate winner of this triangle. Seth declared his undying love for her a number of times.

The OC

#5 Rachel- Finn- Quinn (Glee)

When it comes to drama, this triangle is second to none. Rachel falls head over heels in love with Finn. But Finn was out of her reach as he was in a relationship with cheerleader Quinn. Quinn even lied to Finn that he is the father to be with him.

Rachel won the contest, as a lying cheerleader was too nerve wracking for Finn.

#6 Oliver-Felicity-Ray (Arrow)

This DC comics-based show delivered a powerful love triangle when being fed up with Oliver’s silent treatment, Felicity turned to Ray with whom she has many things in common.

At the end of the season, Oliver won his ladylove as Ray realized Felicity’s heart still beats for Oliver.


#7 Barney-Robin-Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

This one is probably the most controversial triangle ever.  Robin was Ted’s love at first sight. They dated for a year before they realized both have different views on their relationship. Robin and Barney fall in love with each other. After a lot of breakups and makeups, they got married.

After the story takes a jump of almost two decades, it is revealed Robin got a divorce and Ted’s wife died. This resulted in them to reconcile their relationship.


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