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September 13, 2016

7 Popular Android Apps you should never install

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Life has never been simpler, thanks to the easy availability of useful android apps. There is an app for literally everything under the sun. To book for flight tickets, to scan documents, to organize and plan your schedule, to download games and music, you name it and Google Play Store has it. But sadly not every android app is as friendly as they might seem. Some of them, in spite of being popular, have the potential to harm you. Here are 7 such apps which you should avoid installing at all cost.

#1 ES File Explorer

This is probably the most popular file exploring app available in the market. And hands down it is a really helpful app. But the free version of this app is full of bloatware and adware, and it can irritate you endlessly by asking you to download additional apps through its non-disable notification pop-ups. Instead of ES file Explorer, you can choose FX File Explorer or Total Commander. They are safer apps.

#2 UC Browser

This web browsing app is really popular in India and China. It claims that its “fast mode” function helps to save MB’s. However, the worst thing about UC Browser is tracking. A users search queries are sent to Yahoo India and Google without encryption. Again your device’s IMSI number, IMEI number, Wi-Fi Mac Address and Android Id are sent to other social tools. Well if not the best option, still using Chrome and Firefox is a better option than using UC Browser.

#3 Clean it

As the name suggest, it is a junk file cleaner app, which claims to reduce battery consumption and make your phone run faster by cleaning the junk. This app is hugely popular with 4 to 5 stars rating given by the users. Sadly it can be detrimental to your phone. Cleaning cache will slow down your phone when it needs to rebuilt itself, clearing RAM uses up more of your phone battery and killing running apps never saves your battery, as claimed by the app. Using Greenify for reducing battery usage and SD Maid for cleaning junk files can be a much better option.

#4 Music Player

This lets you play saved audio files. Hands down this app is very popular among android phone users. However this app uses quite a lot of your battery and eats up your data plans. Plus annoying ads always keep up popping through this app. There are many other ways to stream music on your phone.  Use Google Play Music or Phonograph for instance.

#5 Photo Collage

This collage creating app has great frames and features to make the perfect collage. But the presence of annoying ads makes it very difficult to smoothly work on it. For editing and making collages, using Photoshop will be the best option.

#6 Quick Pic

It is and easy to use photo gallery app which is very popular, yet again, among android users. However its policy of uploading user’s data to their own server is a great breach to your privacy. “Piktures” is one app that is gaining quite a bit popularity and is completely ad-free.

#7 Antivirus Apps

These apps as such don’t have any disadvantage, but if you have downloaded them from a third party source, there are chances of getting exposed to malware. If at all you do need to install it, make sure you are downloading it from a secured source.

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