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November 11, 2016

7 Places to have Afternoon Tea at when in UK

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The tradition of Afternoon Tea was started way back in England during 1840’s when Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford, bothered by hunger pangs, started the habit of including tea and snack into her late afternoon schedule. It became very popular among the elites and today this culture has become an integral part of Britain’s heritage. To become a part of this heritage, make sure you visit these 7 tea rooms where you can still get the authentic and aromatic afternoon teas that the British people swear by.

#1 Bettys, Yorkshire

Bettys is known for maintaining the traditional essence of afternoon teas. It has six such tea rooms across Yorkshire. The level of sophistication that is maintained here is unparallel. The use of traditional silver cake stands and waitresses dressed in period costume is what makes this place so unique. No wonder people wait in long queues outside Bettys to treat themselves to their luxurious afternoon tea.

Starting Price: £25.95

#2 Crewe Hall, Crewe

The fact that Queen of England visited this place herself speaks for the grandeur and originality of this place. The tea that is prepared here is fresh and brewed to perfection. In fact it is so perfect that the tea when served is accompanied by a sand timer, just to ensure the exact brewing time.

Starting Price: £22.50

#3 Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland

This place can remind you so much about the historical titanic, that you end up falling in love with it. This place is built in the suits where the ill-fated ship was constructed. They have the exact décor that titanic had and even have the exact replica of the iconic staircase. And the afternoon tea and assortments served there are just a treat for the taste buds.

Starting Price: £23

#4 Kingsway Hall Hotel, London

This is a simple place which serves some of the most authentic flavors of afternoon tea available in England like Jasmine Pearls and Flush Darjeeling.

Starting Price: £16.95

#5 Brown’s Hotel, London

The Queen was once a regular visitor of this place. They still serve one of the best afternoon teas in London. During December, they serve the most traditionally prepared afternoon tea accompanied by the resident pianists playing well known Christmas carols.

Starting Price: £39.50

#6 Drink, Shop & Do, London

This café is an interesting mixture of quirky art and vintage furniture. The ambience takes away the monotony of a tea room and gives it a very lively and playful touch. They also have vegan and gluten- free options available.

Starting Price: £27

#7 Pennyhill Park Hotel, Surrey

They serve there tea at the Ascort Bar or in case the weather permits, on pretty terraces outside. You can feel the glamour and tradition in the way they serve their afternoon tea. Decadent tea is served in the most vintage way by placing it on the tiered cake stand. In case you are a vegan, they have a wide range of options to serve your need too.

Starting Price: £29.50

Featured Image Source: https://thebrezeldiaries.wordpress.com

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